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Who wants change in the events?

This month is a full of waste with rubbish events. Not even a single week of very nice dinos like… T-Rex, Blue,etc. And pls add some legendary a month.

No,thank you,i prefer anky and scutosaurus to blue and T-rex


This week is great with Anky and Elasmo.

At least twice a year we have 5 weeks of Trex in events.


The only change i’d like to see is the use of more newer creatures. They’ve been gradually including them, but too slow in my opinion.

Also, what you consider as nice is different from someone else’s definition of nice.

For example, i’d rather have Scutosaurus over Blue any day. Scutosaurus has much more potential for new hybrids so people should take advantage of darting it now instead of wanting Blue that Ludia have shoved down our throats week on week for so long.


I’m quite happy with the events.

But then again I’m a fairly casual player and just hit L13. The hardcore players might feel differently.

As a semi hardcore player I can say that anky is still useful as long as you don’t have tryko and dio to 30. I’m almost there but even after more than 2 years and plenty of events with it, I’m still in need of anky.
And Carbo can’t hurt.
I don’t think the endgame hardcore players care about trex or blue a single bit.

Hard pass on blue and Rex. Events have been solid scuto is due for a unique and a arena exclusive is also pretty new.

Ahoy!! Guys I am not speaking of this week’s dinos so that you speak that anky is better. I only consider anky as the best dino in this week’s event. I just got vexxed up with other rares and epics earlier this month.