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Who wants the dracoceratops bug to stay?

You’ve probably heard of it or seen it. DC cooldown on swapping out lasts 3 turns! This could be seen as a bug but i think this is the only one that should stay. I for one would prefer this bug to stay! I think its very fair. You either heal or stun and rampage combo but stay locked in. Who else agrees?


I think the regen should be taken away since it is a cleanse all including lockdown


My opponents usually regen anyway so it’s a moot point. However, keeping it may cause more people to rethink using DC, so…



I am. I think DC should be a bug altogether, its a miscalculation.


I want this bug to be seen by the devs and made it so SIR lasts 3 turns

I just had a DC swap in and not be locked down at all… swapped right out.

It’s just like my nightmares…rat swaps in to rampage and than immediately swaps out again

i want them to remove SIR from the game entirely, and if that makes rat completely useless, it deserves it, atleast in my personal opinion…


10/10 of my last opponents had a boosted dc and I’m not one to complain, but how is that end game variety?


Yep - surprised when it hit me, but I am all for losing the little bugger. Seems like a 3-turn lock would be good. Even two is okay if it could not cleanse.

Amazes me that almost every single player in the top 50 has it on their team. Would love to see that change.


And replace it with swap in stunning strike

Or maybe there will be a bug… where Swap In Rampage gets deleted accidentally :star_struck:


Dracoceratops aka rat. New move added, swap in self destruction. When creature is swapped in, it will automatically self destruct due to how hated it is in the arena


A little harsh. Lol

I agree with this. Being able to Swap-In (while dealing 2x damage), cleanse and swap-out repeatedly shouldn’t be allowed.


and let’s also keep this out of the patch notes and keep it a secret, and then watch and laugh as all the rat users swap in draco-rat towards the end of the fight or what ever expecting to kill your dino with SIR, but then to their surprise they kill their own rat thanks to the new Swap In Self Destruction, either letting you win the fight for free, or atleast get you a free KO, getting you 1 step closer to victory. they won’t know what hit them, and will probably report half the player base for cheating or something before they finally notice the Swap In Self Destruction…JokerFacepalm20110725-22047-hxvv4j tenorffa


This is one of the biggest problems of this rat. Not only does EVERYONE want the quick shot. Everyone also has to evolve there team and technique around rattings helping to destroy variety. And honestly the procerat isn’t helping here.


I surely don’t lean either way when people use it and it can be a way of getting even for many. It does amaze me that it is as popular as dinos like Indor though. Bugs seem to work both ways and I won’t say a word, but like the other 500+ bugs in the game, they should probably be fixed.

there is no such thing as “harsh” when it comes to nerfing draco-rat


Eh, I guess that’s true. I used to want Rat nerfed to usable hybrid, but after seeing all the reboosted DCs I want it to be made absolutely useless.