Who wants to breed dragons?

I would love to be able to breed dragons. It would be a great opportunity to try and emphasize key characteristics like high food production or advanced fleet defenses. I think this could enhance every aspect of the game from brawls to amber collection. In fact, I think it could be used as an opportunity to create a social aspect for the game if players were allowed to trade dragons for different quest objects or amber or other resources.

So if you are like me and want to be able to breed dragons, then reply to this topic, or love it, or do something else to tell the developers that you also want to breed dragons.


Anyone actively playing this game should be commenting and liking this.

I can’t progress anymore and for those whom are of the opinion that unlocking Shellfire is going to drastically change the way you are playing… ( It’s something that will likely make you feel like it was all for naught💔.
Ludia- make this a priority and the game will generate 10X the revenue.
Contact @TySmith for consultation.

Awesome Post!


I’ll share this with our team, TySmith. :smiley:


Woohoo! That is awesome news, thank you Ned!

And thank you KingMaximud for your support!

Rise of Berk is a fun game, and think this idea could make it even more fun. Plus it is a great way for players with high level dragons to keep advancing, and potentially to also help other players develop their flock of dragons.