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Who wants to move across the street?


I’ve got a orange point across the road that I can reach from my house (half the time when the GPS jumps a smigen) which is quite handy. Although I’ve also got two other main spawn points about 175m away (just out of the 150m range)
I’m sure the orange is a huge advantage over some players but I’m sure some some people have even better locations. Post and brag or complain both are fun!


My 150m driveway in the middle of nowhere. We get a spawn we can reach every couple of hours or so. :no_mouth:


There’s an orange spawn I can grab in my workplaces break room but none close enough to my house.


There is a spawn point two blocks away from my client site that seems to spawn Erlikosaurus once a day at 10am, 12:30pm or 4pm. Sometimes my phone’s GPS will drift far enough that I can quickly dart it. :laughing:


I love the GPS drift


GPS drift is great when it works, but there was one time when I was using epic scent capsule and a few seconds before it was time to spawn another dino, my GPS drifted me over 200m away, two epics spawned and then I drifted back to where I was, effectively losing both epics :sob:


Ha I hope you had your running shoes on


I hate the GPS drift when I’m trying to do a strike event. I constantly have to chase the stupid strike event when that happens because it won’t change back to where I was unless I move.


It happened too fast for me to even figure out where it was :rofl::sob:


This is the view from my couch. If I move to the kitchen I can get both those SD. Theres a street behind me that spawns Toujan at least once a day.

I moved in July from a rural community with nothing in sight. Pretty happy with the new location :laughing:


This is a view from my couch

I whine every time I open the map because I can’t reach the supply drop, less then a meter away :scream::rage::sob:


A standard day at the office :slight_smile: Currently have one green and one orange supply drop.


My location is a big advantage. Been really buzy with work but can still do a lot without even moving.