Who will be the next tyrant?

What in your oppinion would be the futur top tier,the MUST have?
I am curious what you guys think…
Im pretty sure thor and tryko will stay but what do you think about the rest?

Could Monostego stand a chance?


I hope the new Diplo could be awesome!

And I love the Erlikospy!

im pretty sure mono will be in.He will receive so much buff and from high apex to tyrant,there is no a really huge pally.
Maybe utarinex aswell.
I wonder if erli will still stay in tyrant due to cloak nerf,aswell for magna by his hp nerf.
Draco which can’t pierce through the armor?

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This has nothing to do with tyrant tier but here are my predictions for the new hybrids

Smilocephalus: mid apex

Dsungia: mid apex-high apex

Pteraquetzal: low alpha- low apex

Carnotarkus: mid apex-high apex

Diplovenator: high alpha- mid apex

Adentismaxima: mid apex -Tyrant ( It’s stats will have a huge impact on its position)

Quetorian: low apex- high apex

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Monostego will take the Tyrant legendary place of rat.

I dont get why monostego will be so much stronger.
A slight health buff and a minor attack buff that is a nerf since the crit damage goes down.
Also, you wont use distraction much since it has lower damage and slow-stun combo is generally more helpfull.

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But then there are times that distraction will be useful won’t there

off course, but that doesnt make it tyrant instantly.
so why are people feeling like its buffed so hard?

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Its moveset is more diverse and ontop of distracting armour and more health, Monostego can survive longer

I considered Tenonto tyrant.
I’m curious if Metahub/Gampress will agree this time.
I think Monostego will have a great showing. If not Tyrant the top of high apex.
All I know for sure is someone is replacing Indo.
That’s all I got 100% sure at the moment.

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yup indo will be mid/low apex for sure…
Maybe even high alpha
For monostego,distraction last only one turn so its will be probably use to survive one rampaging move
his stats: +90hp and +50dmg are noticable.But since he didn’t rely a lot on his crits,its good to take

It’s extremely well rounded.
Sometimes you can get a bad hand that doesnt work against your opponent.
Monostego has far greater odds of being able to counter something.
It’s not the dino as as an individual that will make him Tyrant, it’s the fact that he works so well with the team. He’s the toast that was on every cereal commercial in the 80’s.
“It’s an important part of this nutritious breakfast.”


I hope Stgydaryx will regain its place as low apex, maybe even higher. Especially as it can block the rat now, but still, it cant exactly kill it

my biggest question remain about pterovexus,will it be good atleast?no now its no more a dodger(so bad when you think about the logic)
About stygidaryx…i think he will really get higher and earn a lot of more interest!as alankylosaurus will (we talk for both about 500hp earn,which is enormous,specialy for alanky which have a 30%armor)

I will just start this here.
I’m gonna promote Stgydaryx
He is tactical, can more or less counter the rat. Does nicely against tanks. Can defy all laws of swap in with its cleanse and swoop. I think people should use it more because when boosted can make a great asset to your team

I am thinking about using Daryx, Vexus and Skysliter (Darwezopteryx) in tandem.

The heavens will bleed.


The birds will rise and destroy all that oppose them :joy:
I haven’t got Vexus yet. Mono too low and Darwin being used up on Daryx


Multiple tanks become much more relevant. Which means drainers and chompers become more valuable. Speed, critical, and cloakers all just took a hit. But mostly speed (not much good against tanks) and definitely cloakers.

Boosts go to geminititan, monostego, stegodeus, and a new tank enters the mix. Plus with critical damage dropping, tanks get a defacto boost. Higher HP lasts longer when crits dont do as much damage and most tanks didnt have high crit rates anyways. And with Tanks being able to get some damage through dodge’s even when they miss they get another defacto boost. Plus Draco no longer swaps through armor and shields. Yet another defacto boost. Look to see all of the below being boosted and used now.

Geminititan, Stegodius, Tragodistis, Dioraja, Grypo, Tryko, and the new Argento hybrid.

The counters for all of that? Thor being the obvious one. I think guys with counters that break shields like Dioraja and Grypo counter the other tanks well. Tryko is solid against the other tanks. So those counter guys eat the other tanks decently. Utarinex is going to be tyrant, but doesnt play well against tanks and counter guys. He will be a hit and run type.

In come the drainers! They just became much more relevant as counters to the upcoming tank movement. Suchotator, stygidaryx, spino. Guys like this are about to become much more relevant.

Tenotorex looks better against those tanks too.

Indo is worthless. Erlidom drops out of tyrant. I dont know why dino ever was in there, but against all these tanks he looks even worse. Magna is no longer tyrant. Neither is Draco although I still think it has its place.

That leaves Tryko, with new tanks added. Dioraja, geminititan, the new argento hybrid. And possibly Thor moving up along with Utarinex.


You think Stgydaryx will be more valuable :star_struck::star_struck:
I so hope your right