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Who wins this 1v1

So wanted to ask this and see if you can guess right. Who wins in a 1v1, base stats, lvl26. Also this accounts for swap-our ability and priorities being used




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  • Diorajasaur
  • Edmontoguandon
  • Tie

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It all depends on if Edmonto lands its stuns and if Dio Distracts and insta-Invince correctly. It can go either way.

Edit: also assuming Edmonto doesn’t heal and run


Lol ya he uses it

I think edmonto wins but barely. It depends on stuns, move orders and crits.


It would not end in a draw, usually you need at least 1 DoT dino to end in a draw and neither have DoT effects.

I never said anything about a draw.

In reference to my vote, I said tie as it could go either way depending on how the creatures are played.

Could be (10)

Oh schnap, this is a good one! I never would’ve thought about it! 1v1 is somewhat of a toss-up, but I ran the numbers on what would happen if they were both run the way I think. Edmontoguanodon barely won. And it’s not even necessarily a fair fight, because Edmontoguanodon doesn’t even do 1v1!

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Lol what you mean doesn’t do 1v1 also by how much did it win

When I think of Edmontoguanodon, I think of it swapping all the time. That’s every Edmonto I’ve ever fought. It chucks minions at you like a cartoon supervillain. If it doesn’t even favor a straight fight and still beats Diorajasaur when you take the fish out of water, that’s very telling.

I ran through that fight again. Ed won with 720 HP left, but I feel like it was closer the first time somehow. Maybe I remember my previous move orders wrong

Here are the moves I used, both dinos at level 26:
Diorajasaur uses Ferocious Strike, answered by Null Impact. Short boost, but might as well use it
Dio HP: 3345 Ed: 2720
Dio uses Sup. Strike before getting Rampage Stunned. With Tryko, I have a habit of not blocking stuns. Maybe I should re-evaluate?
Dio: 1805 Ed: 1720
Ed uses Impact again
Dio: 650 Ed: 1720
Invincibility blocks Sup. Strike to gain another round
Dio: 650 Ed: 720
Dio’s still slower, though. Ed uses Sup. Strike to finish the match
Dio: Returned to Pokeball Ed: 720

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I re-evaluated. I think blocking an inbound stun is usually not a good idea if the stunner is faster. Here’s a rematch. Even if Dio does not distract Ed’s first impact, but does block the rampage, Dio wins.

Dio Ferocious Strike, Ed Null Impact
Dio: 3345 Ed: 2720
Distract/Rampage Stun
Dio: 3191 Ed: 2720
Dio: 2036 Ed: 2720
Sup. Strike/Sup. Strike
Dio: 1266 Ed: 1720
Ferocious Strike/Impact
Dio: 111 Ed: Returned to PokeBall

If I were playing Dio, I would’ve lost to Edmontoguanodon because I’m not used to fighting it. Now I’ve learned. :slight_smile:

But now I’ve also seen your note that says this fight should take into account Ed’s ability to swap around, which really makes this fight harder to map out. It would depend on what else is getting swapped in. I think Ed could definitely mop the floor with Diorajasaur if it has friends, but it would cost collateral damage.

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Wow okay first I congrats you cause figuring this out and like battle to like seeing what move around beat it takes a lot of work. And anyway I’m this fight it’s just ten two so the swap would basically work as a worse regen since it wouldn’t cleanse, slow or distraction so in reality the 100% on game press should be more like Eddie wins say 75-80% of the time which is still impressive considering it’s up against a unique super hybrid but still man thxs for the info it’s very helpful :+1:

Also should say Eddie/dioraj has returned to the sanctuary :joy:

Also question so when it stuns what if you go for superiority and then superiority strike again and save it for its null for that second ferocious strike would it win then?

Are you asking if things would be different if Dio uses Ferocious Strike on round 2 instead of 1? It would make no change. It would still have a damage boost on the initial attack, but never keep that boost for a counter. It would get stunned first, then nullified before it sees further use.

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oh ok but still thanks for looking into this I tried to do experiments on my own but no one in my alliance with dioraj was on today so couldn’t do it, but still how often do you think it wins against dio

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I’ve got Dio! It’s the latest addition to my collection. I’d offer to experiment with you, but I’m a college guy who’s got homework to do. I gotta get busy. XD
My game ID’s ****# (edited), if you want it. Maybe some day we can pull this stuff out

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Sure sounds good all add ya tomorrow it’s late here in CA but anyway might wanna delete that cause people could steal ur account

Buts still keep up the good work

This is one mind game match. Agree, never block stuns as it usually gets your dino hard stunned. Also from my fighting experience with Dio, Superiority strike is good to use when opponent dino uses stun move. Stun fails way more than in any other case.

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