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Who would be a mod on here?

It must be the most thankless task ever at the moment to be a mod on the JWA forum .
Imagine being told you have to tell the players that those who exploited a cheat in the last tournament won’t be punished , and that when they spend their hard cash winnings on another glitch ( unlimited boosts ) , that will also go unpunished .
And why is it accepted ?
Because it’s the developers fault .
The same devs who left us with a weekend of unplayability , and if they hadn’t done that , no one would have exploited the ai loophole .
I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a mod explaining all this .


IKR, jeez, they could have done better…

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Unpaid forum moderators at that! Incredible.

Im still trying to figure out what department the black Ludia mark is.

We appreciate your concern. It’s not all that bad though :wink:


Would you like to add something on the list?

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