Who would like to hear from Ludia? POLL

So, how many players would like to hear any scrap of official information from Ludia?
Matchmaking? - any fixes in the works?
Boosts? - seasonal resets?
Alliance rewards? - remember that feature?
Bugs? - call an exterminator yet?
New programming team? - Trim the fat and hire competence?

  • Yes! For the love of god TELL US SOMETHING!
  • Nah, I like having my head in the sand

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Something regarding if they will give alliance leaders tools too. If not just say “no”, if yes maybe an “it’s in the works.”

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For me it doesn’t matter… they have already destroyed their game too much to save it… now it is just holding on to see how much money they can get players to spend until the bitter end…

The game could have been so much better… saddens me what they have done to it…


What are you hoping to achieve by firing, rehiring and rebuilding the development team(s)?

Alex and the prod team make all of the key decisions at Ludia, pinning 1.7+ on ‘incompetent’ devs is pretty harsh :wink:

I’m pinning bugs that have been around forever on the programmers.

I would like to hear from them even if things were perfect.
Just seems odd they don’t have a spokesperson.
One of the first things I would do would be hire a charismatic intelligent guy that knew exactly what was going on by talking to the devs in the morning meeting and then pay them to sit in a chair and chat with the players all day answering all questions in layman’s terms.

Nothing brings the community together like feeling they are part of the team themselves.


No one freak out! I voted to see the results.


Sorry, you guys only have Jorge, support guys, and the mods. We ain’t perfect but we try.

A full-time spokesperson I feel pretty safe in saying is not gonna happen.


How about 10 minutes every week?

I can suggest it, but you guys get real… passionate with just us. Doesn’t really incentivize dev’s to hop on.

If someone would take a minute or two and actually explain something, I think you’d see more understanding than ‘passion’. Is a little transparency so difficult?

I believe they posted once in the past, on an account that was about 3 minutes old.


Yeah there is a major lack of communication


And this statement pretty much sums up what was said on another thread the other day .
It is a complete waste of time hoping for any communication from the people that make the decisions regarding the game .
So they carry on making choices that we ( the players ) hate , and won’t talk to us because we get ‘passionate’ about the game !
What they actually do is have the mods to keep us in line , and we never get to hear about anything they are planning to do , or what may be fixed , or whether there’s any likelihood that the issues we are experiencing are ever going to be rectified .
Maybe someone could remind them that it is us that pay their wages . Without us there would be no profit , so it may be in their interests to keep the player base informed ?


Perhaps a good suggestion would be for the player base to pool together a number of questions regarding serious issues that they feel need addressing. The Mods can bring these to the team and the team discuss and then post back the answers.

I certainly agree that there needs to be a little bit more transparency without giving away future surprises or giving away things that as a customer base we don’t need to know but some genuine answers rather than skirting the question would be good.

Perhaps that is a suggestion that could be put forward to the development team?


That’s very sensible, I will forward it!


They have had this for months. What you’re suggesting isn’t a bad idea, but you know what’s going to end up in this pool? The same stuff that is posted on here daily. It cannot be missed, it’s just ignored. Every single day there’s threads and posts about boosts, draco, alliance tools, thor, matchmaking, bugs, etc. You know what kind of answers you are going to get? “It’s in the works”. “We need time to gather data”. “We will look into that”. Months have already passed concerning these issues, some of which could be fixed in a afternoon. Go ahead, try and tell me Draco couldn’t have his stats changed in a single afternoon and have an update pushed through not long after that. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional.

And this? Just wow. Oh the poor developers and people running this show. They would have to face displeasure? They sure don’t mind the players having to feel it. They would have to face some backlash? Hey, maybe they should think before they do things, and not just hide from all the issues and the players concerned with them. I don’t know if it’s pride, or they just think they know better, but you know what else isn’t difficult? Stopping by for a few minutes and just simply asking YOUR PLAYERS “How would you feel it we did X”? You just painted them as very cowardly.


True but what I am suggesting is that we put it all together and have one of the Mods give it to the developers direct rather than have the team come to the forum and have to put it all together, As @J.C says we can get very passionate and sometimes downright rude, so why would they want to come on here? Frankly I wouldn’t blame them. I am sure they know about these concerns but let’s put it together and see what calm discussion can produce.

This is why I say transparency but without skirting around the edge question. Give us direct answers without spoiling anything.

I assumption is that everything we’ve had has been planned well in advance, perhaps even before the release of the game itself. I vaguely recall reading an article online about the time of release saying that Ludia had 4-5 years worth of material planned. Even something as unpopular as boosts were probably conceived way in advance. They can’t just change that overnight I’m sure regardless of how much players love or hate something.

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No need for aggression. The developers read the forums daily even if they aren’t logged in and do take your feedback into account.

They also look at analytics and other information that frankly I can’t see either. You guys are here because you’re the most outspoken and passionate people in the community, but you are not everyone in the community. Developers need to balance these 2 things along with developments plans for future updates.

If it was just displeasure I think they’d be in here more often but it’s so much more than that. There is a lot of behind the scenes, stuff that you guys don’t see, in the game and in the forums. We are doing our best to give you something like what you’ve been asking for but it’s hard to justify when reactions start rolling, people get angry and threats start flying.


You do understand how much worse you make the current issues sound by saying that, right? As for overnight, no, nobody would expect something like an overhaul to the mechanics that are the boosts to be changed overnight. But again, there are quite a few things that could be.

That was hardly aggression. I am not sitting here raging out on the thread, let alone taking shots at you or any mods or support who have to deal with this on a daily basis. I understand you and Colin need to be their defense force, but that’s also part of the problem. They let you guys deal with it all, and they say and do NOTHING. If they are really taking feedback into account, maybe they can come on here and explain what they’ve been doing the past 3 months. That’d be great.

Most realize this. The difference there, is those outside of these forums will just stop dealing with the nonsense and just delete the game. I know plenty of people personally who have. Those here, on a daily basis are doing their job for them (for free) and trying to keep people playing by trying to help fix and better it.

Again, in case you missed it, nobody including myself, has any complaints about what you, the other mods, or support on the forums are doing. Not entirely sure where you are getting threats from, but as far as anger? Players have every right to be angry in these situations. Telling any kind of gamer to just be nice and sit quietly while they get nothing but frustration, broken mechanics, bugs, and ignored while putting money into a game? good luck with that.


@J.C thanks for coming in and helping break the silence and offering to help.