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Who would spend $69.99 for an incubator?

You think Ludia sold like 1 worldwide? Who would spend that on an incubator?


not for indominus dna. maybe for Lania or gemini. possibly entelemoth as well.
but this is their standard legendary inc pricing.


They would sell a boatload if they offered any of those 3…

$70 for 200 DNA? You get that in less than 3 days from sanctuaries. Use common sense!


back when sancs weren’t a thing, if a legendary was a big progression bump for you, i’d see many players going after these. Guilty here. but i went after the ones that gave random dna plus HC.

70 USD for only 200 Legendary DNA and nothing else but 15k coins is not worth it.

The other deals give HC which can be used to buy boosts, speed up incs or buy proper incs which you need.

Indom was good a year back and before IndoR G2 was a thang.

Or 10800 bucks, which can be spent on scents to get a boatload of rex DNA while raptor can be scented with giga scents. This will probably get you over 200 Indom DNA, especially with the JP events going on (as 4/5 include rex)

I would since it can make Erlindominus and Erlindominus is better than the scummy Indo Gen 2


If it was 200 gemini then I’d buy it


I guess the ultimate answer is that lots of people appear to not even blink an eye at spending $70 on something like this

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Not a chance. If I was going to spend that (in £) it would be for a game on my PS4 that I know I could still play in a years time. Who knows where this game will end up.

I’d never spend big money on a mobile game - regardless of how much I like the game.


The fact that there are so many people who would spend this kind of money on a bit of dna in a mobile game staggers me.

I know I’m old, and I grew up when money was hard to come by, raising a family and paying bills was the main way money was spent. Occasionally a bit of money that had been saved up could buy a birthday present and the odd night out was a treat.

Now, we have this kind of money being treated as nothing major, and although I wouldn’t judge anyone for spending their money in whatever way they want, it’s any wonder the world is in such a mess.

It’s too late for oldies like me to change our ways, and the younger generation see us as whining old people when we say ‘you’ve never had it so good’. But it’s true, if you think $69.99 on an incubator is money well spent, the value of money is no longer what it was.


Who would buy that?

I think they lowered the price

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Nah. the price varies depending on where you’re playing from. (which is dumb) it’s been 49.99 for me all day. (US)

I live in the US it was $69.99 yesterday but the price is different today

Supply and demand Ludia style. Yesterday $69.99 only 2 left. Today. $49.99 only 2 left. Go figure 🤷

You call people using Indo g2 brain dead. But your going to spend that much money on 200 Indominus DNA. You can fuse that or more if you just darted TRex and Raptor this week lol.

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Better than using scum

How is wasting money one useless DNA better than using Indo Gen 2?