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Who would win miragaia vs stegodeus

So who would win


  • Miragaia
  • Stegodeus
  • Tie

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Oh and after might wanna check the answer


The winner is according to the Dinodex is the common Miragaia

Now just let that sink in… a common creature that you can get anywhere beats and is better than a legendary super-hybrid which can take months to unlock

Discuss below

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Sadly Ik who wins and it’s honestly a joke and shows why it needs a nerf.


I agree. I’ve hated miragaia since 1.5 and still do to this day, it is one of the most annoying creatures ever to set foot onto the arena. It has such a high attack stat, and it’s strike is busted! It shields and also SLOWS! ARGH! When you hit it, it strikes back with a full on counter attack that BYPASSES ARMOUR! And just when you think you got it on low health… it regenerates! So annoying! Boosts and Dsungaia have made it even worse. And now we have to deal with megalogaia! And the worst part is that some people say it’s weak for a common. Seriously, ARE YOU ALL BLIND? I remember running T-Rex and several chompers just so I could defeat miragaia. And I never ever get chompers when the opponent has a miragaia or dsungaia!


First of all beats 2 out of 20 dinos and these 2 aren’t very fast or have any significant damage output. Second stegod it’s quite easy to make for superhybrid and doesn’t take months as you say. Mirigaia doesn’t need a nerf it’s just an annoyance.

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Lol unless you don’t have stego or nodapto plus u have to fuse twice and level it’s parents up. Honestly if I wanted

I could just lvl it to probably maxm compared to to the god

How is it possible not to have stego since it’s a daily spawn and apato is everywhere same as nodo which is one of the most rare dinos.

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Depends on area plus spawn rate also you got to dart constantly to get a good amount especially when you get only tens

I live in l4 area. How about you?

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I see absolutely no stego and if I do it one or two, live in small town just a bit from Mojave

Dunno I‘m kinda devided.

Yes, Miragaia kills Stegodeus and I hate it when a creature kills other creatures that are way harder to create and have a higher status. I really hate that.

But in the last tournaments I didn‘t really have problems with beating Miragaia. It‘s very predictable and often mind gaming.

I usually try to get my opponent to use Regeneration, that‘s when I swap to some strong creature that could oneshot it. Of course, in very rare situations the opponent went for basic atk and my swap out move was useless.

But the majority of battles Miragaia is not as annoying as many say. It lacks armor and its hp isn‘t too high. The counter atk, the high ap and the regeneration plus slow and shield are not easy to handle. But again, usually it‘s not that hard to beat if I win the mind games.

Nevertheless, I did run in very high lvled Miragaias in the arena and yes those are terrifying. I struggle a lot against these, even with boosted lvl 27 Thor or Erlidom.

I think it needs an atk nerf but nothing more. Really tough and strong Common tho.


Honestly just make its counter a regular then tanks can deal with it

I also love how when Miragaia was first introduced many players cried cuz it seemed so weak and useless, even for a common.

Look what they cry about now. :joy::joy:

Don‘t take me wrong, I do think it could need a slight nerf but I just love the irony. :joy:


Lol ya be careful what you wish for also same with Gemini and maxima now look at them

Honestly that why I love dsungina cause no armor piercing so tanks can easily go against it or anything with armor and big attack… to bad we got the deer now as well

Except Dsun has Ferocious strike. Given that it has the same attack as Miragaia, it’s basically just as effective against tanks once you get that rolling.

What a silly discussion.

Mira is specifically anti tank. “Everyone look! This anti-tank dino beats a tank! Discuss!” Like what do you want. My experiences once I was in an arena where most players had legendaries was that literally nobody had Mira so it’s a moot question anyways.

Velociraptor will ice Monolimimus 100% of the time too in a 1v1 friendly. Should we panic over that too?


Well I do remember the nerf cries for Veloci.
To be honest, I also complained about it when I was very new to the game cuz back then I was in wasteland and met high lvl Velocis that just destroyed my team.

But back then many players wanted a nerf.

I think we should differentiate between nerf cries for strong dinos and nerf cries for broken dinos.

Haha good old times. :sweat_smile::smiley:

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Mira just gets chomped into oblivion anyways. It’s HP is pitiful.

If a dinosaur is able to be countered by an entire class, then it doesn’t need a nerf. Hard stop.

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Until the overdose of Mira at the end of last year, it is an incubator exclusive. Extremely annoying below Aviary. .
I can only imagine the frustration faced at lower arenas what with the easy Mira DNA given out at Sept onwards.

Aviary and higher, it’s basically a poor man’s Dio/ Tryko. Must be used carefully or it’ll get 1 shot when swapping in. Maybe good for setting up a revenge kill and then must be higher than team level to be viable


Mine is level 15 with a massive amount of DNA available. Had considered leveling it and seeing what it does. I’ve never used it.

Thanks for telling me “Don’t do it.”. Much appreciated.