Who You Grinding?


Dunno bout you but my focus changed with this tournament. I was darting and evolving stuff just to see how it performed. Now i’m only darting the common dinos used to create dinos the top 500 have on their teams. I am actually stopping to dart every Stegosaurus and Nodosaurus to level up my Stegodeus.

Are you also focused on grinding to win?

Who you grinding to level up yer Apex dino?


Grinding spinotahraptor, Spino gen2, and as much nodo as I can find.


Stegosaurus, Nodosaurus, and Amargasaurus are the big three for me right now. Just a matter of timing and luck as to whether I’ll unlock Tragodistis or Stegodeus first.

Anything else after that is just an added bonus. :slight_smile:


Ran out of Stegosaurus for Stegoceratops and Stegodeus but I’ve noticed there’s a subtle shift going on as I see not only less around but less of EVERYTHING.

I also need Suchomimus as incubators have blessed me with much Irritator Gen 2 out of nowhere where as it was the reverse before. Suchotator has made a home on my team for the time being as it’s been remarkably useful, level 17 and counting.


I’m dying for some ankylosaur… have tons of kentrosaurus but missing the other half of the hybrid. Even went as far as leveling down to tier 1 for Anky incubators!


I want more nodosaurus but i rarely find any. I’m currently trying to get anything i can get my hands on. I’m not top tier with my team so anything works haha.


On Wednesday & Thursday looks like we can dart 12 of them.


@SnorlaxRex i sawww!! Haha, that’s unbelievable… “ask and you shall receive!” :joy::joy:

We got a little nodosaur for @T-Wrecked too!


Stegodeus and I-Rex. I’m so darn close to both of them, but the rarity of Velo and Nodo is killing me


Awesome! I can’t wait for Wednesday and Thursday now haha