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Whoa at this trade


The gravy train is over - I can’t open the game without updating. Baaaah


Now the succeeded to catch us all. Eat or die.


Ahhhh, I thought we would have had a couple of days before they forced us to update… Oh well, at least we got a few good trades…


I had about 30 minutes left before my trades reset and was then forced to update :frowning:. Now will have to see what these MODs are all about. I got 4 MOD packs to replace the couple of hundred boosters I had left. Better than nothing but still a bit disappointed, having a message saying we have converted your old boosters to MODs should mean they have all been converted. Or the message should have read something to the effect of… “After offering specialized trades in the Trade Harbor for the last two weeks and seeing that you were not able to trade all of your boosters in, regrettably we had to sweep them to make room for the MODs. We have provided some MOD packs to lessen the sting of losing your remaining boosters.”


@Sionsith I feel your pain. I had a lot of boosters but prob not as many as you… you are right the MODS should have been traded 1 for 1 not 100 for whatever we feel like giving you… That really stinks… I will still play the game as usual but I will stay away from MODS just like I stayed away from boosters. I only recently started playing the boosted events on weekends. I stayed away from them until recently so I was sad to see them go and the multi packs that went along with them. Maybe if they do a similar MOD event I will give it a try but if not I will not be wasting my time and resources on them.


I just wish the messaging would have been more truthful. So far I don’t think the MODs are bad, just a new layer to the game. So far the couple of battles I have done have been fine, more complicated but still able to win.


Custom trades involving MODs:

Not that great but wanted to see what would get offered.


Thanks for doing that Sion. I was interested to see what happened with those.

Im nostalgic for the time where we got 1,100 for boosters. They were the (2) days

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I put it in for loyalty points and it only gave me 40


Talking about mods for trades LP and DB at same price?

Both deals were up at the same time does

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