Whoa, mega Rares unlock events this week! Thanks Ludia!

This week we have a bunch of rare unlock events.

Being a new player, this is super helpful for me to get some of the hybrids that I’m missing unlocks to build.

I had a great run on the VIP tourney last night and this morning, I’m out by 200+ points. Yeah, not going to happen.

But than I got a great lotto prize drop (and 3000DB!) I’m going to clear out my market tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:

Just when I though this week couldn’t get any better, all of the unlock events drop! Yay!

This is a GREAT Monday for me.


Nice one! I wasnt so lucky the daily prizes. Only got one vip dino.
Unfortunetely I really wanted some carns as I am missing some of them but thats the way the game works.


Really happy to be getting some missing dinos I outleveled, too!