Whoopeeee.....! (I'm Better Now)

Oh look. My first Unique dinosaur. So original.


Look. I’m excited over every dino I manage to unlock, no matter how late I may be to the party.

You should’ve seen me when I finally unlocked Nodopototitan, and she came around… when? 1.4?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to finally be able to use him in battle… But I was actually working towards unlocking Touramoloch, not Indoraptor. I have 220/250 done, but thanks to a sorry lack of Tuojiango DNA, I have yet to get over that last hurdle to unlocking it.

I just want to get my obscure Unique hybrid, boost it a little, and get on with the grueling process of making the other Uniques. I hope the game lasts very long, cause it’s gonna be years before I even get the Uniques that I really want.


Bravo! I don’t care how much they nerf Indoraptor, he’s still my favorite,he’ll always have a place on my team.

I said that about my precious Monomimus. After she was getting nerf after nerf, I was still loyal to her, just hoping that Ludia would leave her alone. But no, they had to nerf her health, her attack, her speed, and now with these new moves that negate cloak and evasive abilities, she’s just another sitting duck despite her new Swap in Ability.

Um… not trying to be annoying… but it’s turamoloch XD

Congrats. Don’t sleep on indo lol.

My indo taking out Thors and Rats.

Whoops. Touramoloch. My bad. Yup, that name /^^

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Congratulations! Don’t worry about how long it took you to unlock Indoraptor. The main thing is that you did it and that is worth celebrating. :blush:
I just want to be able to unlock all the creatures eventually. It doesn’t even matter to me if the creature I unlock is a gem or trash according to the current meta. Some I know are going to take a considerable amount of work to get, but in the end it gives me something to look forward to.

Nice job getting “Alita”, boost her to tier 5 and she’ll be able to 1 shot dinos with the DSR

LOL still no…it’s Tuoramoloch :slight_smile:



I am officially happy! My goal is complete! Time for the other Uniques! :grin::+1::two_hearts::confounded: