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Who's better, Monostegotops or Monomimus?🤔

Since Monolophosaurus has been in the latest Spelling Bee event, I’ve been wondering in which legendary creature I should invest all that epic DNA in. Does anyone have some advice for me?

I would go monostego. She works different than she used to, but she has a decent amount of versatility. Monominimus, tho she did get distracting moves and null strike, she’s a little too squishy to really be able to put them to great use. He cousin, proceratho does it better.

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I’d go for monomimus but mainly for pterovexus.

Monostego is still better than Monomimus.


Go for yoshi. Though between those two, monostego is still better. Even If the meta doesn’t favor either of them.

Can’t compare an end product to a transition. Obviously the former is much more qualified. Although monomimus leads to pterovexus, which is pretty strong too in the right hands, monostego is still able to make your main battle unit. Because… you always get to kill first. Just watch the meta is going to get run over by rattegy maniac.