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Who's Better?

I was thinking of getting Nodopatotitan or Gigaspikasaur. Which is better in your guy’s opinions? Or pass on them all together?

Giga is better.

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Yep, absolutely giga. no question

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What makes Patotitan bad? If I may ask?

It isn’t “bad” but you asked which one was better. IIRC, Giga has 40% armor to NodoP’s 30%.

giga but its a big target for teeth. id suggest boosting dmg and hp. especially dmg. i have a lvl 30 giga and its been on my team for a long time since creating. its very usefull against draco and as a pinner so that dinos dont run away. also the shield for erlids.

Ok, Thanks for the input. I’ve been primarily using the Amargasaurus DNA on Amargocephalus to get Tragod, but now that I have it I’ll level up Amarga to get Gigaspika. Thanks guys.

well id also add that you might want to decide trago or giga.

Well Amrgasaurus is very common here, I see at least one every other day so I’m willing to wait and use it to get both.

in the long run 1 every other day wont be enough to sustain both. trago might be the better choice if you are deciding between the two. just my opinion. i just like gigas style better.

Well I guess we’ll see. I’ll unlock Giga and see if it’s good on the team I have, and if its is, I’ll keep them both and probably supplement low DNA with stat boosts, since you can do that now.

supplement for now. but end game your better off hunting. goodluck.

I guess I’ll have to hunt for it more diligently from now on in preparation.