Who's bright idea


How is it that the t rex is one of the slowest dinos in the game… no way in hell is it slower that ANY long neck let alone any of the tanks either… sorry but that just wouldn’t be accurate… I mean if were basing things off the movie it kept up with a damn jeep…


It didn’t keep up with the jeep. Rexy got tired and she gave up the chase.

Although the long necks are bigger, they would still move faster because they have a longer stride with every step they take so no matter what the T Rex would still be lagging behind.


The TRex has too high of an attack power. If it was any quicker , it would be too OP


With everyone and their mother having some sort of deceleration attack… yea not a good enough excuse… needs to be quicker plain and simple… nothing OP about it


Lol even in the movie its clocked at 32 mph… lets see a long neck move that fast… it would fall over due to its size


That’s why they mixed trex dna and raptor dna together, to make the red faster!


The way I interpreted the speed stat wasn’t how fast they move, but how fast they react. The long necks are prey animals, so have by necessity a higher reaction time (the faster you can react to danger the better your chances). Also the long necks don’t actually move their bodies, only their necks as well as stomp attacks they make while standing in place, whereas the T.rex lunges at her opponent. I don’t think a 7 tonne animal would be all that quick from a standing start.


Even indom could use a slight speed increase as well… spino is what a 120 to 122 in speed… slightly larger than the rex and pretty comparable to indom…


I wouldn’t give it much… either much to be honest but 102 for rexy… cmon


:joy: with a 30% crit , TRex hands massive damage already. If it was any quicker it would smash through most dinosaurs in the game. If you want to get technical , recent studies show TRex could only run a top speed of MAX 12mph. Not very quick. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yea and the trex looked nothing like it did in the movie… soooo if you want to get technical we can go that route lol… also… vraptors would be some of the smallest creatures in game if we were going off actual studies… about the size of a turkey… utahraptor would be the largest and probably fastest of its kind wouldn’t be surprised if that is what they actually looked like with the feathers and all


Which are you posting about originally here , looks or stats? So they gave it a different look in the movie, awesome . . As far as the Velociraptors, yes they were small. Which is why the speed stat is so high for them, their size/weight made that posible. UtahRaptor probably would be fast, but because of the size you just mentioned , makes it slower than VRaptor


I dont even know anymore :joy::joy: I’ve lost track


Don’t get me wrong , if they would speed up TRex I wouldn’t complain - I have a lvl 15 at the moment. But i get why they have it at what they have it


Well regardless of studies past or present they base the creatures off the movie and how they were depicted in the movie… so that being said the movie reference of being clocked at 32 is what this game, being a Jurassic world/park entity, should influence… but the one person probably hit it on the button with reaction speed… rexy is a blind old hag cant see ya unless you move lol


And I’m sorry I gotta divert again but where did this concavenator come from? All my life never heard of such dino UNTIL I played this game


Whether the speeds are accurate to how the dinos were or not, I don’t believe Trex was much of a chaser. It’d probably be similar to a lion; built for strength, not for chase. Animals know what they can and can’t catch. Some prey require more strategy than others. No dino would mess with a full grown long neck unless it has the patience of a komodo dragon; dealing enough damage for it bleed out and weaken over time. I know I wouldn’t wanna mess with something nearly 100x my size that could kill me with a single stomp.


Isn’t her rare counterpart at 104 for speed?


Ironic that I took this pic awhile back

Fast enough to catch a human though :wink:


Dont… move… a muscle…