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Who's destroying the tournament?

You know who’s massacring sauropods, hadrosaurs, pterosaurs, stegosaurs, ceratopsians, mammals, most of theropods and much more? Who is countered by only a few chompers? You guessed right! A turtle! Idk why this thing is so broken. Look at Ankylosaurus. IRL: A big, massive and perfectly armored (ingame description says that even his eyelids are) dinosaur with a very powerful, bone-crushing tail club. Ingame: Practically useless creature with no offensive force
His only strenght lies in shielding, which is useless in the current meta. Anky has also no immunities
Look at Carbo. IRL: A turtle with pretty standard armor, slightly bigger than living turtles, but of course much smaller than most dinos. His only strenght lied in a long neck and very powerful bite.
Ingame: One of the most powerful nonhybrids in JWA. He’s got horrendous offensive power, with stacking vulnerability and 3x move. He’s also the best nonhybrid tank, with Dig In, nice hp stat and highest armor in the game, despite being less armored than ankylosaurids. Last of all, he’s Immune to DoT which is very weird and broken. Without it at least bleeders could damage him a bit. Now, the only counters to the turtle are chompers, and while they can deal with it very quickly, they also take a lot of damage and are slowed and vulnerabled, so they can be easily revenge killed. Current tournament isn’t fun just because of a killer turtle. He really has to be nerfed. I would drastically reduce its hp to around 3000, reduce attack to around 800 and remove its immunity to DoT. Why Ankylosaurus, a famous and really powerful dino has to be useless, while a big turtle can massacre whole teams consisting of other nonhybrid creatures?

Turtle Power. :turtle:


Ummm… no… just no! Turtle is fine


So you want to nerf a park specific epic that is a recent creature because it’s too powerful in an epics only tournament where it’s the only time you will see one that is rank 26. Cry me a river man. Enough with the nerf this and nerf that posts. Anky has been around since the beginning, they aren’t going to add a new creature and make it crap and then buff a dino that is already the component in two unique dinos.


Same complaints as last tournament with turtle. While i agree that ankys should be stronger, the turtle is fine. It’s good at what It does but is perfectly counterable and there are enough options for that in the tournament. Let’s not cry for unecessary nerfs.


Turtle is fine the way it is. No nerfing required. There are counters to it. I suggest learn the counters.


Look at this group of epic creatures. Is it ok that a turtle kills all of them (excluding rex)? For me it’s not. It can be powerful, but now it’s something like an epic Gemini

Dinos get killed in the game all the time. Turtle is fine the way it is.


So it’s ok that there’s a creature that kills all epics excluding chompers?
Idk why people shout to nerf Yoshi, Indo G2 and Gemini while protecting turtle which is an epic version of these

Idk all I know is that I am going to put it on my team once it returns to sanctuary and may actually boost it

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you know this forum is full of people which don’t care if something is broken,since you don’t touch their toy,there is no problems.

Just with a quick look you can see few things about epics…

Why everyone play allosaurusgen2 and no T-rex??because T-rex in comparaison is useless:less HP,slower,less viability
Why everyone play mammoth?because it can stack damage,destroy an opponent in one hit after enough stack and if something goes wrong:you still have an armor
I can do the same with diplodocus and of course carbo…
Those 4 just rule the tournament.

On the others side why would you play pteranodon which have no use and is beyond useless concavenator which is just a target practice or ankylosaurus which is just a punching balls with no use at the point all the rares destroy them?
I could go further on the list talking about monolophosaurus,grypo,raja,koola,baryonyx and darwin which have an arguable use…
But compared to the 4 first,its clearly obvious ludia don’t care about balancing.

Oh and another fun fact…
Mammoth:event only
Diplodocus:event only
carbo:Park locked
Allogen2:event only

You see the point?


I’m not comparing Carbo to uniques and other meta rulers. I compare him to others of its rarity, because he should be similar to them in terms of strength (or at least be SLIGHTLY stronger). Accesibility shouldn’t decide of creature’s strength. Thanks to it we have no variety in tournaments like the current one. Everyone’s using these “elusive” creatures (which in fact everyone has) and thus normal epics become useless. But even Diplo, Allo G2 and Mammoth aren’t as broken as turtle, they’ve got much more counters. BTW there are many elusive creatures which aren’t overpowered and nobody’s crying because of that. Examples? Nasuto, Purru G2, Scolo, Irri, Bary G2. They are mostly slightly better versions of more common counterparts, but they don’t outclass almost every other creature of their rarity

The same thing that’s destroying any other tournament. Speed ties.


And following that logic, Indo G2 is perfectly fine, cause it’s made from Blue. Gemini also is, cause it’s made from Diplo. Procerat also fits this with his ingredient.
Thinking like that destroys this game. Everyone plays the same elusive and broken creatures and thus we have no variety or balance

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That’s also true

Baryonix, Secodonto, the mammoth and rhino are actually real threats to the turtle. And then we have allo gen2, or tarbo, or allo…dimetrodon gen2 also if used correctly


I beg to differ… muahahaha!!


Secodonto, rex, Allo gen2, mammoth. All of them defeat the turtle.

Secodonto destroys the turtle easily. The Mammoth and Diplo can also win depending on battle conditions.

It really is powerful for a non hybrid Epic, but it’s not that hard to deal with nowadays (even considering just Epics and lower rarities). We also have Allo2 for counter… Or if it’s set up for Devastation, you need to play your cards right and do swap ins at the right moments… One on one it will really beat most non hybrid opponents, but a full match requires more than that.

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Focus a threat on Ankylosaurus to make it better