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Who's excited to farm 13 incubators for daily missions after tournament reset!

Cus I’m certainly not.

When I get to 12 I don’t even bother trying… Just wait for the next day, so it goes back to 11, which is more possible to accomplish

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I can’t even get to 8 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s not as hard as it seems to get at least 9 or 10, 'cause it includes strike towers and daily incubators.

Since when? It includes daily incubators but NOT strike towers.

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Don’t know much about it, but I’m pretty sure it counted one more incubator after I completed a strike tower… If not, well, I’m seeing things :sweat_smile:

But even so… with daily incubators, and that daily battle incubator, plus the one you probably left activated before going to sleep… that’s 5 or 6 guaranteed, plus those you activate during the day… Just have to make sure to keep logging in at the right time for them

Strike incubators don’t count, they said that is a known bug, but i doubt it will be fixed.


Them 10 chords went off again :joy::joy: (10 characters)

Are you sure? My app. doesn’t count incubators from towers.

They said it doesn’t. I probably my mistake, or a bug

No they do count I got some battle box incubators from the event strikes and I got credit for them towards my mission’s

I was so upset the first time I got one and tried to figure out how in the world I could do it. :frowning: Now they’re all either 12 or 13!!! I can’t do that. I even saved up three 15 minute ones and managed to squeeze in one yesterday, but AGAIN today and I want the shards. You can get 3 of the six hour ones, but that still leaves 10 of the others and it’s not worth spending money to make them pop faster. 30 hours of incubation to be done in 15 hours. :smiley: The other one I’m hating on is the friendly battle… I can’t get people to respond to it. :frowning: Having to depend on someone else to finish a goal is awful.

And my app also does not count battle incubators. :frowning: I’ve checked.

As I said I just fail on purpose from time to time, after 11 incubators…

But the daily suplies mission is also becoming a problem. Starting to need too many of them… Now I have to drive or go jogging or something like that to accomplish it :laughing:

As someone who doesn’t particularly care for battling, but that being the only way to reliably get incubators (without paying, anyway)…

…meh. Alanqa has been situational at best anyway.

No it doesn’t

Today should have been 11 for me, but I was pleasantly surprised when opening incubators wasn’t even one of my daily missions.

Mines up to 14, hard when you have a job

I wish they would just turn off this feature until they fix it. Today I figured out why it’s so hard to get over 100 darts… the special supply drops do NOT COUNT! :frowning: