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Who's fault is it really?

So this may be not one of my informative messages about the meta, or creatures in general. But I do believe players need to read this. We blame ludia because they are simply the easiest target to blame. But if players actually looked in the mirror. Then they would see the real reason. The fault of lydia is listening to the majority of the players. Instead of one with a good keen sense of direction and actual knowledge of the game. We the players have ultimately made this game worse simply because ludia listens to us.

The matchmaking used to be amazing… it was based on trophies and only trophies. Then people complained and we have never had as good of a matchmaking as before. YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY TOUGHER AND STRONGER OPPONENTS AS YOU GAIN TROPHIES. It’s as simple as that.

Players complain about an easy to make dino and call it OP. Firstly, why do we use OP so loosely? OP is what maxima was, what monomimus was. OP is not what proceratho is. It has way to many counters. And is not meta defining. Just because it’s easy to level up. Its overboosted and over leveled. I’ve been playing with a lvl 30 proceratho longer than any player in this game. At the top 50 and I’ll tell you this. It is far from op. Strong? Yes… so players need to think about there actions before trying to turn another creature into monomimus. If it was truly OP. Then how come there is only 3 in the top 50? And that’s saying something.

The overall truth is we are at fault here. We need to just shut up and let ludia do there things. Are there some things that ludia does by themselves that should be complained about… absolutely. But, ultimately it’s our fault in what the state of the game is in. They were on top of the world making crazy good decisions until they started “listening”. Roughly 1.6 is when it all went downhill. So as a player that truly knows what this game needs. Please stop making ludia make bad decisions…


Is this a post not blaming Ludia for anything? Impossible! What kind of sorcery is this? I really hope you’re joking cause no one is to blame except Ludia. Stop trying to brainwash the forums. Smh the blasphemy…


I think you need to read it… again before assuming what this post is about

Hm… I actually agree for a great part. It’s true that every challenging creature is now “OP” and “NEEDS TO GET NERFED” mostly demanded by players who don’t have it themselves or decided to level up or boost another creature. Some creatures however really were OP. As far as I’m concerned they’re all ok now. Some are tough, some are a real pain but in the end it’s the boosts that decide wether they’re OP and that’s a player choice not Ludia’s.


This game was great until they listened to the players that knew nothing but on how too complain. Since then this game had gone down hill. For us and for them. It’s there fault for listening. It’s our fault for being such a crap shoot player base


Absolutely agree!!! Like I said above. Maxima was OP. Indo g2 was op. Monomimus was op. I’ll agree to those. But indo g2 is not op anymore. It may have a move that is op. But it, itself is not op. Proceratho is far from op. Its probably one of the worst top tier dinos there is. It loses to majority of the dinos in the upper arenas. Hence why we see so few of them.


This is probably the most diverse meta we have ever had. The difference between the strongest dinos in the game(zorion) and like a top 20 sino in thor or dioraja is far at all. Unlike previous metas


I agree. Christmas Chick is useful but far from OP especially since most creatures are now either immune to distraction or can cleanse. They just have to learn their moves (it’s got only 2 damaging moves and none are priority!) same with Indo Gen 2 it’s got two damaging moves, no priority damage… can’t be that difficult to predict the moves… :woman_shrugging:t3:

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You make some good points… but every single forum is just likr this one players complaining stuff is op… content to difficult. The difference being most companies know when to listen to the majority of the player base and when not to. So ultimately its still their fault.

And Ill continue to argue the most damaging thing about this game is boosts and it wasnt the people on this forum asking if they can make their trex faster then their velociraptor. And i dont believe 2.0 was based soley out of player feedback but because most had hit tier 6/7 and boost sales were drying up. That was pretty easy to see by their sitting at around 200 on the top grossing of the playstore.

You bring up monomimus you can possibly blame the player base for the first nerf. But the second and third nerf? Those were all Ludia and for reasons we may never know… other then it was still playable after the first nerf so nerf it again… and again.

I agree with idg2 and procera there not really op… or meta shaping like draco was…

As as meta goes its debatable if were better now or in 1.5… we may have more dinos right now but there sure are an awful lot of tyrant speedsters. Not many stunners other then the sinos who are true stunners and very few bleeds. I think 1.5 had less dinos but way more varietion in the types of dinos you were facing. Stunners were viable, bleeds were about where we are now because we had so few bleeders, cloak/evasive were strong but they werent quite as dominant as they are now.

And as far as im concerned they were a few of us who warned against team strength match making and the issues it brings so from my perspective Ludia listened to “them” not “us”


1st point I disagree on 100 percent. You cant have balanced matchmaking without team strength included. The very first matchmaking was good because people only cared about trophies so the goal was to max out so you had to increase your team. Then the meta changed, and the droppers realized they could farm dinos in lower arenas easier because it was trophy only. Then there were rewards for gaining trophies so it got worse. The dailies for battles and incubators came around and it stayed worse. Then you can farm boosts from incubators so it got worse.

The problem is of you do it off team strength only then a level 10 with dinos could be 1st. And people try to manipulate by lowering a few creatures on their team. I agree the players are to blame mostly. They try to take advantage of the system to win at a game. The only way to fix the arena is to lose the trophies completely. Take your complete team against a team similar to yours. No rewards except pride. But no one wants that. That’s how the game started. Tournaments and seasons were supposed to be the place to shine with your team. But the season is all the arena is now and the only way to get dailies done. That part is ludias fault.

There are several ways to fix the game but it’s too late. It’s a cash grab game and to fix it would be too much of an overhaul. You got what you wished for when you asked for trophies only for the higher arenas and mostly trophies for the rest. I wonder why the arena hasnt settled yet and is actually worse now than it was after it finally settled after the first matchmaking attempt. Cant blame matchmaking with trophies. One doesn’t correlate the other. Or keep beating the dead horse. See how well it keeps working for you

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Up until 1.6 there were no boosts!

It was them that destroyed balance in the game, and caused the upset with various dinos that we’re doing what they shouldn’t have been able to do.

And it wasn’t the players that asked for boosts.


Strength of teams is what broke match making to begin with. You had players with lvl 20s in the top 50. If you want to be yhe best you have to climb the ladder to become the best. It shouldnt be based on team strength. Its should ALWAYS be based on trophy strength. That’s why games like Pokemon, lile MTG have always flourish. Because based on trophy strength is based on skill strength and players being able to grind more and or pay more.


As for the boosts. Players complained about not having to do after reaching lvl 30s. Galkimimus was there next projects. Boost 2.0 should of been the very forst and only boosts implemented. And it simply should not be unlimited. That’s way to much p2w and unbalanced the game

i was being sarcastic


As for every single forum. I have played hundreds of games. And this is by far the worst player base I have seen. From big time games like WoW to smaller games like summoner wars. This player base is horrible. Before lydia started listening. Before 1.6 this game was at its peak. And it will never hit that peak again until they stop listening to emotional disgruntled players. Simply because they did not grind enough. Or they did not pay enough. Or they did not go for counters again st creatures that beat them. Boost 1.0 was by far worse. Its was definitely a more p2w aspect outside of the unlimited boosts we have now. You had team average lvl 26s in the top 50 simy because of boosts. Now 2 boosts equals 1 level. Therefore you either need to spend way more, or grind way more to be at the top now. Instead of simply eating to be at the top. I cant tell you bow many times a below average team with a crap ton of boosts just ran through a team of lvl 30s. That is u healthy. Boosts 1.0 took away the 2nd most important point of this game. Boosts 2.0 however. Despite the unlimited boosts. Gives each dinos more diversity than they had before. And the 150 speed thors cant wipe the floor anymore simply because there owner payed for more boosts.


It’s hard to realize sarcasm through text lol thanks for clarification haha

Boosts should have only ever been introduced for those players who reached the top level if that’s the case. Give them something to do I guess.

But surely if the game devs were on the ball they would add dinos that would be must haves with each update to keep it fresh.

Players will always abuse what can be abused.
I strongly believe the option to boost dinos is what made the arena more toxic, and while I would agree that some of that is down to players abusing boosts, they can only do that because Ludia added them.


Yeah, my bad I probably should’ve mentioned I was being sarcastic in the post. :sweat_smile:

They do add must have. And those must have get to lvl 30 within a month time. Lol players already have enough to make mammotherium to 25+ it’s a very strong dino. Wont be surprised to see couple level 30s before they are gone.

I agree. The leaderboard should be based only on trophies and not team strength. These days, you lose battles because you leveled up a dino, which is crazy. Boosts was never the problem…not having boost is. PTW was never the problem as it is what it is & what we expect it to be (in the real world). You don’t like it, well…let your wallet do the talking as nobody is forcing anyone to PTW the game or FTP it.

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