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Who's missing community events?

Hey Guys!

I was just wondering about an event that we used the have but it hasn’t been announced since. This event is community event.
I can’t stop thinking about how excited I was to spin the drops to get the best reward at the end of the event. I always logged in the game to spin my drops in every 15 minutes (when giga’s didn’t exist lol).
I just wanted to ask You Guys here (or the Forum admins) if there’s any slight chance for us to have these community events again? E.g. Spinning the drops again or playing battles? Probably defeating creatures in PvP and PvE?

I would like to know if the player base would be happy about it or not?

Share your thoughts, please. :slight_smile:


I think Ludia ditched the idea because it revealed how low the numbers are that play the game globally.

Probably yes, but at that time the player base was much lower, not like now. At that time we barely had alliances as well.
In my opinion if they’d announce this again, it’d reach much bigger numbers than before.