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Who's the best unique creature?

Since I’m only a level 14 player, who’s slowly working his way towards uniques, I wanted to hear the opinions of higher level players with more experience on who’s the best unique out there in Jurassic World Alive. I’d really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice!



The best unique creatures are:
Trycosaur, Thorodolosaur and Pterovex

There isn’t any one unique that is best of the best. They all have a role to play. That said, I recommend going with something tanky to start. Ardentismaxima, geminititan, tryko, or dio. Their survivability is pretty good.


I don’t think there is a ‘best’ dino. Every dino has counters. A balanced team is more important. Different players have different playstyle. You have to find your own ones.


For many months the best Unique has been, by far, the Tryko. Since the last version, this is no longer so clear. Geminititan and Ardentis Máxima it is possible that they are already better than the incontestable king Tryko (with permission of the goat that was not better but yes more decisive despite being legendary).


Thor was one of the best but not anymore. Pterovexus was never one of the best … and now it is not.


It’s easier to answer which is worst :wink:
For me the best is Magnapyritor.

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The moveset of Magna is pretty good. Yet I think it is not strong enough even though it has been buffed in 1.9. Its damage should be increased a bit considering it is one of the hardest to create and level up.

Comparing uniques objectively at same level. I haven’t even created all of them yet. When it’s at team level the damage is acceptable, but mostly because it can only be stopped by something faster or rat.

Magna compensates for less damage output with more health than other fast dinos, the ability to distract attacks to reduce even more damage, and the ability to break shields, which isn’t common among very fast dinos.

Tryko and Dio are always worth a spot imo, being both tanks and chompers(more Tryko but Dio kinda does it too) they are trump cards that I had on my team for a very long time and never wanted to replace. They are not the absolute best though. If you go by 1 on 1 matchups, Gemini, Maxima and Indo gen2 are the best. Magna is a very strong choice as well, one of the best. I don’t think the new boost system will be very kind to speedsters, so I would advice to invest in the more bulky uniques mentioned above. In case of chompers I prefer Tenonto over Thor, it is indeed better than it, winning way more matchups than the supposed green menace. Not that Thor isn’t a good dino, but it’s not as good in this meta.

Trykosaurus and Erilodominus

Geminititan, or ardentismaxima, the win 98%/95% of their matchups, but they are quite difficult to get(Gemini) . But dioraja and tryko are also very good. You can read the gamepress arcticle with the top 20 dinos, certainly helps

Sarcosuchus…with a disability that hinders his development but he tries because he is smart, he is kind, and he is important. He is unique because he is one of a kind.

Trykosaurus is probably the single best unique creature in the game.

Smilonemys and Geminititan are solid runner ups.