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Who's the oldest nerd playing?


I will kick it of with just shy of my 48th birthday


Just shy of my 39th so you beat me!


47 on the 27th here.


56 here my son gets me involved and then quits the game


Will be 56 in a few months. @rckosek, no danger of my dropping out on you.


Old AF here. 35 :smile:


It’s a good game I played the other jw game… still do but it’s about done. Good luck my friend


Haha! That’s awesome, keep it up this game will keep us all young at heart and mind!


@rckosek, thanks. I have been hoping that it would last four a while longer. Some of the players can’t afford the upgrade it takes to run JWA.


41 here and still a nerd :nerd_face:


I’ll be 60 in a couple weeks. I’m loving the game.


53 and still a happy gamer