Who's your favorite Lovelink Match?

To be honest who is your favorite lovelink match so far? Have you got any steamy pictures from them :kissing_heart::heart::drooling_face:

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Of the one’s you have posted there, I’d say Grace Kim is my favourite. I was furious at her for dumping me on our first two dates, but her story started to get interesting after she kicked Mr Gs arse, finally :laughing:.

It looks like you’ve mostly matched with the counterpart version of most of my matches though.

I enjoyed the ridiculousness of Tiros and am intrigued by the vampire story, but I matched with William.

There’s some good stories here. The FBI hacker guy is fun and the Alaska musher guy too.

I’m not into the weird, hyper controlling billionaire 50 shades guy. He’s an arrogant creep with daddy issues, not my type at all.

But, I’ve said it many times before, Emmalyn is my boo. Even if she is into astrology :smile:.


My absolute favourites right now are Rory and Jake!
I also enjoy Jamie, Min-Jae and Antoine

I’m playing some of the stories for the girls but I haven’t found any if them as intriguing as the guys’ ones yet :confused: maybe that’s just me?

and some of them i really wish i knew about counterparts first :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

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Currently, my favorites are Damien Jones, Adam Johnson, Garret Brown, Sam Knight, and Noah Cruz. Damien is especially interesting and unlike most matches, he’s not immediately thirsty and his storyline is more than just a thirst trap (even though he’s hot as heck). He really wants to talk and I enjoy getting to know him rather than just trying to arouse him just like most other matches. In fact, at first, he seems to be somewhat indifferent being complimented. That’s just my preference I think because in real life, I prefer to get to know someone rather than immediately jumping to sexual parts


I get that. So many of these stories jump from casual flirting to OMG we’re in love! After, like, one date.

It’s kinda intense.

I’m into character development and world building in fiction, so even though there isn’t much world building (apart from Tiros) there are a few characters who develop and reveal deeper layers as you get to know them better. Damien is one such character. I’m not into him, but his story is interesting at least,


Is Damien Austin’s counterpart? I like the pacing of that relationship as well.

I’m probably most attached to Austin, Noah/Antoine, and Raphael. Noah is a little guilty of the lust-at-first-sight conversations, but there’s also some sweetness and substance there. I really like Raphael’s story, but I also feel like I haven’t talked to him in 100 years, so I’m a little less invested in his character than I am in Austin and Noah.

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I believe so, yes. It’s the death row story.