Who's your favorite mc?

For the male characters it’s Austin/Damien’s mc she goes toe to toe with a criminal and willingly gets a job in a prison

Daniel/Ryan hard to top having a relationship in a zombie outbreak

For the ladies

Eveline/Jade Dude loves her no matter what

Sage/Vitoria Dating a werewolf is never easy

Alice/Eve He follows her all over the world for her

Non binary

Franz/Ingrid The record company rep impersonation was gold

Those are mine what’s yours?

Aesha/Samantha- I’m a gamer and she just wanted the MC and he’s definitely into her

Nina (Not listing CP’s. Don’t match with guys- That storyline had me hooked. Dog races and detective work. Amazing

Eve/Alic- @JDR nailed that reasoning

Julia- Everything about that pairing is exciting

Fei- She’s just AAAaaadorable

Bex- The carny life is interesting

Mine is any of the MC’s of female stories (except for Ana/Milena/Ruby and Hazel) because they’re all incredible women.

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I don’t really have a favorite. I tend to like them all for various reasons. With a few really gross exceptions.

Clem and Eveline if I HAD to make a choice.
Adam and Daniel are up there too.