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Why 1,000 trust Points for the light fury?


I’m okay with the 1,000 trust Points (at least for the light fury) but maybe Ludia can make one of my ideas happen I’m just kinda sad that all I can do until I get 1,000 trust Points for the light fury ( it’s my favorite dragon in all of the httyd movies and I “pet” it almost everyday… so yeah please Ludia if you can, please add one of my ideas as a feature in Dragons: Titan Uprising

  1. Well almost everyone wants this… but lower trust Point need I mean I would get it if you needed more trust Points to level up the light fury but come on Ludia why… why the hell would you think that needing 1,000 trust to get the light fury or any other dragon that needs them was a good idea? I mean come on I just want to see the light fury in my game (not a “baby” one)

  2. Once a week you can pet any dragon that needs trust Points but only one a week, for example: let’s say two dragons I love from httyd… toothless (if you need trust Points to get him) and the light fury… I know this makes little to no sense because they loved each other in the movie but let’s say I go and pet… say the light fury and I get 10 or so trust Points then I wait a week and pet toothless then wait a week and pet the light fury and so on

  3. Just make it to where you need trust Points to level these dragons and anymore dragons that need them but you don’t need trust Points to get them because why would Ludia make you get 1,000 trust Points and… wait Ludia? Your not planning on having the light fury after you get 1,000 trust Points it instantly gets to level 3 are you? If so then well I’m fine with that

  4. Just anything that makes it to where I can get the light fury as soon as possible… I will not even put it on my team until I know at least one other person has one… I just don’t want to see a stupid (but kinda cute) baby light fury that doesn’t even look close to the baby light fury shown in the movie I mean come on… here if you don’t believe me on the baby thing just look at this picture…

See Lucia could at least try to make the baby look like it does in the movie… k well those are my ideas for trust Points


IDK how to respond to this rant as a whole, but I’ll say a couple of things. That “baby” in the screenshot is actually a short wing (a.k.a. adolescent). That’s what you’ll get when you train to 1 star. I already have me. Training works the same way as any other 5 star. I’m pretty sure duplicates will be needed, but I haven’t trained mine to 3 stars yet.


Now I still think that one of the ideas I have would probably be nice but I just saw the baby toothless… and awww it’s possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen… anyway do you think any of my ideas are good?

But @LightFury thank you… I guess… if I hadn’t seen the baby toothless before I read your reply I probably would have deleted the game but no I don’t really want to now that I see how cute baby toothless is


That’s not a baby light fury! It’s a short wing one, the babies are, in fact, much smaller and rounder. Plus, imagine that inside an egg jasiudmka

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Ok, well, I think 1 and 3 are bad. You have to remember that they are providing a service, and to get certain benefits, you need to pay. You also need to remember that this is the livelihood of a lot of people.
4 doesn’t make any sense. You can’t put a baby on your team. It needs to be at least a short wing.
2 is the only halfway reasonable suggestion here. I’d say that gaining one or two trust points every day for petting them would be nice.


I completely agree with my fellow Fury above me, @LightFury. @JaxontheNightlight, your first, third, and fourth suggestions make no sense, and wouldn’t be a palpable thing they could do for the public. With the new event for me, they already made it IMO a lot easier by lowering how much the power level for the dragons on the enemy team jumped. They made it so that instead of me only beating 4 levels I could beat like 6 or 7. However, your second suggestion, as stated above by @LightFury, is an equitable idea. For petting the dragons each day, you could start like a streak thing to where you at first get 1, then 2, and then MAYBE 3 a day for each. MAYBE. 3 might be pushing it but im just putting ideas out right now. 2 would probably be enough each day. If you break your streak one day, you could have to wait like a day or two before you can pet them to get TP’s for it again. (You can still pet them to see the hearts, just no Trust Points for it)

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I already knew that your a bit late sorry


@Toothless1 @LightFury @AIlen it was just suggestions… it’s not like I’m hoping for there to be a httyd Pokémon go clone or anything… but I do have a idea on how a Pokémon go clone for httyd would work
Read on if you want to know it

So in the movies it’s kinda obvious that one main way to get a dragon to trust you is to feed it fish… and with the night and day thing maybe at night the world becomes like the hidden world and during the day it’s like it was in httyd, httyd 2, and like half of httyd 3… I just think it would be interesting if you want to know anything else about my httyd “alive or similar to both Dragons: Titan uprising and Jurassic World Alive, Dragon World or something, I don’t know any good names that you would give a httyd Pokémon go clone but once again it’s only a idea or suggestion k


NGL @JaxontheNightlight that idea sounds amazing, I would TOTALLY be on board with that.

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@Toothless1 wait really? I wish I could make it but…

  1. Don’t know how to
  2. It’s just a idea since in most of the Pokémon go clones that have “animals” the way you “tame” them has something to do with for example: pokeballs for Pokémon go and dna darts for Jurassic World Alive
  3. The night time hidden world idea has something to do with Jurassic World Alive since Dinos like the raptor really only appear at night… so maybe dragons like the Light fury would…
    A: only appear at night
    B: it’ll take a lot of fish to get it to trust you

I don’t know how you would get the fish… maybe from drop like this that for my idea I’ll call a Dragon drop and like how Jurassic World Alive has events maybe events for this Pokémon clone could have to do with certain dragons just randomly not caring about their eggs or babys which gets them to trust you more if you take care of their babys for them and if you have for say toothless it makes it easier to “babysit” the baby dragons since you know since well

  1. Toothless is the alpha… that should explain itself if you watched the movies
  2. The baby dragons just want to be with a different dragon then their parents
    So yeah just a idea

Even though I really want it to be a thing soon

I definitely don’t feel insulted enough from the light fury thing this started from to delete the game (warning: just so you know I’m kinda bad at lieing) but me seeing baby toothless has changed my mind… but if my idea somehow gets made… I’m mainly looking at you (to Ludia) but I’ll be ok with a different company making it as long as it’s free to play


Also @Toothless1
What’s NGL stand for? Nevermind lol


Well first of I find it kinda interesting how… wait
Lightfury your not female are you?
And 2nd
Toothless1 your not male are you?

Well you guys are probably wondering the same thing for me if so well here you go

I’m male and both love and kinda wish the ligh fury was real!

also just random picture I found

Look at the eyes don’t toothless and hiccup eyes look way to much alike and the same with the light fury and astrad (sorry if I spelled that wrong I’m not good at spelling lol

Any way this is what this whole message was for… (@AIlen)

Should I make a post that’s just about the idea for a Pokémon go clone for httyd and see how many people react?


@LightFury and @Toothless1 the 4th suggestion I had was because I just want to see how a at least level 1 light fury would react to you “petting” and for goodness sake can at least one of you read it right… I sad I wouldn’t put it on my team (unless absolutely needed) until anyone else got a at least level 1 light fury that’s all I was saying and the suggestion I had about a “easier” way to get trust points I was trying to say like 10 PER WEEK or what ever Ludia felt fit


Also was that TOTALLY thing sarcasm? If it wasn’t then why would you put it in all caps?


The thing is that if the light fury was somehow brought to life like completely jut the dragon not a costume version… I would be fine if someone found a way to turn people into dragons and I would want to be toothless, and well do I even have to explain all of the things I would possibly do? I thought so… also how would dragons like the light fury and toothless even “mate” like really would toothless have to um yeah sorry not sorry for putting that idea in your head really I’m sorry


OK, wow, a lot of questions, but i’m willing to answer all of them. :smiley: So, for your first one, yes, I am male, since Toothless is male in the movie, and I am willing to assume that @LightFury is female, but I don’t know, they haven’t replied yet. I wish that Toothless was real every single day, so you aren’t alone on that one @JaxontheNightlight. I see you already made a forum post about the IRL Pokemon GO Dragon style game, I will reply to that one after this about my ideas, and that TOTALLY thing was not sarcasm, I was just emphasizing that I actually really like that idea, it would be fun to walk around and feel like there really are dragons in the real world. About your last post above this one, If I was able to be turned into a dragon, you already know who I would want to be. But, if I wasn’t able to, I would just take a Toothless. And the Light Fury and Toothless would mate just like any other animal.

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