Why 10 DNA points for a Unique?


When i was almost done creating the Indoraptor, i had gotten 10 points so many times, and velociraptors aren’t near as common around my town as they used to be. Fusing 2000 raptor dna and 50 indominus rex (while also trying to find tyrannosaurus’s), you can only image the frustration of spending 1,000 coins and wasting all that dna for 10 points, and not having enough dna to continue fusing. It’s just ridiculous. I would be perfectly fine if 20 was the lowest amount of dna you could get for fusing a unique, but why give us 10 points? If the uniques have that much dna to fuse it you should get a better chance of getting more dna, otherwise it’s just a frustrating grind that lasts for 2 months, to the point that making the unique hybrids doesn’t even feel necessary. I’m not complaining about the amount of dna, i’m complaining about the work that gets put into fusing it.


Spot on… most I’ve ever got on indo is 20… at 176 and it’s taken 12 fuses so far…


I WISH fusing Indoraptor was 1,000 Raptor DNA.


Oh right. Thanks for correcting my mistake.