Why 100% dodge still receives damage?

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Bug Description: SIA in dodge 100% still receives 33% damage.

Area is was found in:

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With my Quechorizon

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I wrote to support and Mark again answered me kindly with this:

"Concerning the dodge, we have made an overhaul to the dodge mechanic in Update 1.8 where the dodge mechanic will now reduce direct damage by 66.7% instead of 100%. "

So what is the point of a 100% dodge if it doesn’t work as intended.

This automatically turns into a disadvantage when having a damaged Qetzorion but you still have chances to win.

If this is the new mechanic I’m sorry but it is a complete disaster. Now all Dodgers are dead in this meta.

Is this going to be solved? Is this the new way of functioning? So many coins and DNA invested for “nothing”.

Best regards

Hey Pirulass, instead of dodging 100% of the damage, abilities such as Cloak and Evasive moves allow you to potentially avoid 66% of the damage or take the full damage.

Regarding SIA dodge abilities with 100% dodge, you’ll have a 100% chance to dodge 66% of the damage.

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It is 100% chance to dodge 66% of the attack, this means it will GUARANTEE to avoid 66% damage and will NOT take 100% damage ever unlike the dodges that have lower than 100% where the dodge can completely fail.


Ludia at least has to change from 66% to 90% chance of dodging direct damage


I’ve said I would like to see it go to a 75/25 system. If successful you dodge 75 percent. If not you only dodge 25 percent. Everything 50/50. Doesnt make Dodgers obsolete but also gives a good chance to eat away at them. Or even go with 67/33. Unsuccessful dodge you still negate 33 percent. I think the 75/25 is best option. Also make the turns to be cloaked to 1 for rare/common, 2 max for epic/legendary, and 3 max for uniques. Pretty sure this is common but just in case. Also put in at least 1 turn between where they cant cloak

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I am referring to SIA. For example you Swap in Dodge with Qetzorion. And rival Thora still hits you 33% of a DSR with critical. It still damaged you quite hard. Next turn with possibilities Qetzorion is dead without chances

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They changed dodge so when your dino dodge successfully it receives 33% of damage.

Which, to be fair, really isn’t a dodge at all


Swap in partial dodge but we will mislead everybody in the text hehe. Regards Ludia

The point Is, What does dodge stand for? (What does Ludia have in its mind?)

Because when I played dodgeball at school 20 years ago there wasn’t any “partial dodge”. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Yes but if you get shot, the bullet can dodge vital organs, but you still get hit. Dodge doesn’t necessarily mean completely missing something.

At least the swap in ability should negate 100% of the damage, unless null/precise/definitive is used.

If that would happen to me I wouldn’t go tell people: hey look at me I dodged a bullet here is the mark it left. I would look like a fool. I wouldn’t go and tell anyone that the bullet dodged my vital organs either, it just missed them. At least I have never heard someone use the word dodge in a scenario like that.

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Did you read that before posting? Maybe trolling a bit xD

It is like!! Oh I’ve missed the shot but still managed to hurt it on the small little nail on the finger of its right foot

Exactly its more akin to a glancing blow.

You guys clearly need to learn that dodge doesn’t necessarily mean miss something entirely.

Just because you may use the word “missed” vital organs in that scenario instead of “dodged” doesn’t mean it isn’t an appropriate word to use.

There’s nothing wrong with the use of the word Dodge in the game, and the description explains exactly what it means.

No such thing as a partial dodge. It should be called shield.
You either got hit or you didn’t get hit.




avoid (someone or something) by a sudden quick movement.

If shark bites my arm and eats it can I go and tell people that I dodged it just because I survived? Or if car runs over me, I dodge it because I didn’t die? Can you give me an example where you would use the word dodge when you have been hit?

There is a problem with them using the word dodge though, it’s misleading. It says dodge, clearly I got hit, so what did I dodge exactly?

I already gave an example where a bullet that hits you can dodge vital organs. Just because you don’t like the example don’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

What exactly did you dodge? Oh I don’t know… maybe you dodged 66% of the attack???

Out of all the issues with the game this is pretty petty considering the description clearly states what it is.

It’s not that I don’t like it, I just have never heard that before and can’t think of any situation where I would say that I dodged something when it still hit me. Sounds silly to me and misleading. So I could say that when I shielded I actually dodged the attack since there doesn’t seem to be any difference?