Why 1000 points?

I honestly don’t know why 1000 points to unlock one dragon is really necessary. I would feel differently about this if points were more common, but the fact is that some battles give you less than 10 points making it harder to get any points without having to pay for your progress. I mean just looking at the fact that you have to wait 24 hours for a free reset unless you purchase it is enough to make me stop and question why I’m still doing this. It’s honestly ridiculous considering the effort most people go through to get just one dragon when they still have 20 more to go since another point dragon gets added every time we look away for 5 seconds. That really bothers me. Cause I’m just a regular player that wants to reach the end of the game without so much turmoil that I have to quit since I can’t do anything without paying in some way.


Personally i dont think its that bad, you can get at least 500 trust points per event, of course at first when your team isnt strong enough, you will only get 200 at best but for me it was very satisfying to raise my team and slowly be able to take down more stages. The only issue that I have with these events is the fact that

  1. Originally when the game was launched, and even later due to a bug, we could have used one reset for free (c’mon guys 1 free reset isnt that much, i think we could get at least one for free)
  2. About the seasinal events, I miss the old 2 weeks format, the events were more fun and it took you less energy per day.

Noooow about the last point, yea they could slow down a lil bit with the new dragons xD (they kinda feel less special) there have been some rumors that we wont get a new seasonal for the new year (and it would 100% make sense) so i gues we will just have to wait.

Honestly what i originally liked this game was that it seemed pretty new player friendly (comming from an older player that has 3 dupes for each event dragon) just so people wont think that i’m complaining because i personally struggle to raise my team.

So uh… :point_right::point_left: looking forward for more roster spaces


I mean kind of, but I have been getting stronger so I don’t know. but I’m not nearly enough to get past fight 5 or 6 (I can’t remember which one is the 5k team).

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FINALLY, someone who shares my same concerns about the game!

I agree with you there, but I truthfully must say that I think that Dragon hit the nail on the head. And even though I am just now getting into the 6K team mark, I’m starting to feel annoyed with the consistency of new seasonal dragons popping up when I am working on getting a copy of the dragon I’m focusing on. The least they can do is either lower the points to about 750 or 900, or make it so that you get more points per level, and more free resets to get to the 1K goal. I have to also agree that the 2 weeks was much better to achieve this. Smh.

Honestly they could just slow down a lil bit, we have 2 uncomplete books like c’mon man.

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