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Why 19-20 lvl bots?

Why are they there and why do my 15 - 17 level characters have to fight them? Just say it and I will stop playing this game. I understand that you want my money but you won’t get it.

Unfortunately, @Riemumieli, the level of Bots is heavily factored upon the League you are in. I assume you must be in one of the mid-tier leagues. With my heroes similarly leveled, the vast majority of bots I face in the Underdark League are level 19-20. At this level I face configurations similar to those shown in the following chart:

Bot Chart

If you are finding the bots in your current league to be onerous, I suggest dropping to a lower league with inferior bots.

I’m presently in Infernal League. Previously you encountered 18 level bots after you had been destroyed one or two times by the 20 lvl bots. Now the 20 lvl bots just keep coming and they destroy you almost every time. Unlike before, human opponents are typically easier.

What you are experiencing matches my understanding of how the bots work in the infernal league. Based on second-hand knowledge, level 19 is the lowest bot a player with a level 17 hero will face in Infernal League. Perhaps someone in the Infernal League can confirm. This is why I avoid crossing the 4000 trophy point threshold.

Infernal league minimal level for bot is 3x 20 and 1 19if you fall below 4000 trophy you should get back level 18 bot


But the basic question still remains: why are they there? They are way overpowered and teach you what, humility? The importance of money when you’re playing this game, what?

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I agree 100% and to say anyone that enters 4k get to fight 20lvl BOTS is ridiculous, there must be a more fair way to balance out the BOT fights.

Not to mention it’s seasons end, so who would want to drop out of 4k after spending the past month getting there?

it sucks initially, but once you grind out some gear and levels you get to where you love bots. They are predictable and once your guys can handle the onslaught they are easy to fight and make things like ToM much cheaper in terms of gems spent to finish. You win/loss ratio vs bots will be much better than against people. When you first start getting them though you do get slaughtered.

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I agree, bots AI is poor but lvl 20 no fun, I rarely do much damage let alone kill 1.
So let’s not yap about 'once you grind some gear and lvls… that’s as silly as it is incorrect.

So its your position as you get more levels and more gear you don’t get stronger? When I was in my 15 to 17 range lvl 20 bots wiped the floor with me. Now I have 17-19 characters not a single lvl 20 and I win all the time. I have 3 legendary items at lvl 3 and the rest 2 or lower. I just did the Joppa event and went 60 wins and 9 losses this morning fighting 67 bots and 2 players. So my assertion stands as far as I am concerned, my guys got stronger and bots got easier to beat which is not silly nor incorrect. /shrug The alternative is having a “smart AI” with the same level as you that more than likely would win just as easy as a dumb AI with lvl 20s…I personally prefer the 20 bots that are dumb. Its basically a gear and level check. If you don’t have the gear and levels you get killed, if you do then it becomes trivial.