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Why 2.4 should never have been released this week

Aside from my clearly click-baity subject line, and a penchant for some snarkyness, let me try and make a case why 2.4 should never have been released. Yeah, yeah several new dinos most people will rarely ever use is at least a short time welcome chase and addition, but what is the cost of focusing on that content?

Over a month ago now there was both a brilliant letter to Ludia by @Piere87 and an actual published response from Ludia. We were wrong, that’s not who we aspire to be, we’ll do better, etc, etc, …

So let’s say 2.4 was ready to go in late December, fully play tested, but held to provide some post holiday new Dino excitement to lead into a new year. Surely what was already in production could make it through the holidays incident free. As long as you only wanted to dart one of the two uniques, and you know not the brand new exclusive new one, nope, but we can fix that with a special event. A month later 2.4 lands as developed, well thuds is more apt with multiple premature releases. Hmmm…so much for the ready to go and thoroughly tested argument.

So maybe there was still work to do. Was the community expecting a release in mid-January? I guess so with the recent release schedule, we must have new content after all. But actually, that’s not really what the community was buzzing with. I’ve run grypo on my team for a few months now and never faced a grypo-grypo death match in Library, maybe others have them every day and twice on the weekends before a cup of tea, but it does seem a little less frequent than the ubiquitous sarcorixis demigod during epic hybrid tournament weekends or nitro Thors bullying lower level teams just for kicks, oh and thanks for adding the helpful taunting emotes to make those bully matches extra enjoyable. I’m sure the leads were patting themselves on the back while saying, yeah that chat in raids to help the players communicate won’t be nearly as appreciated. But what’s the worst that could happen if the arena were left as is to a future release, it’s not like anyone would really stop battling in the arena or even playing the game at all, right @Poezzzie? I’m not in Shores, but getting stomped on by the top few players would be about as much fun as me facing multiple level 30 heavily boosted teams in Library or lower arenas.

For the past couple weeks, I and many others have had to constantly restart the app to get raid invites. Surely with the newly professed focus on quality that would be prioritized to fix in the next release given the impact on, well ya know the playability of the game. The past few hours seem to show surprisingly no improvement. And while I loved the treasure chase two weekends ago, last weekend they sure seemed hard to come by despite walking the same route around my house each day, must have just been good luck the prior week and bad luck last week, not anything to do with a problematic premature code release.

This is getting long-winded, so back to the topic. Given all the playability issues in the game and the newfound commitment to quality why oh why did 2.4 have to be released this week? Maybe a few insiders knew, but most of the player base probably wouldn’t care what day it came out on if it showed a dedication to fixing the growing list of poorly implemented or missing features many of your most dedicated players have posted about on this forum. Maybe from a monetization standpoint adding a few new critters and store incubators is a better use of your dev time, but it sure doesn’t make your player base very happy. Either commit to quality, or commit to indifference, but please don’t promise quality then de-prioritize it in literally your next release.


Yes. They should fix the existing before adding new stuff. Not that I would not want new stuff, but I think they should make the game more enjoyable first.

And by enjoyable I mean fixing the arena, adding chat into the raid & raid lobby, fixing all those stupid pesky bugs like the pink screen, metriacanthosaurus gen 2, alliance chat, making all the bad creatures usable, making the game smoother…


Dude,calm down…
It’s just a partial release…
They r the developers,they knee the game better than us.


Agreed. The 2.3 patch notes thread is an experience and a half - clearly it was not well received for various reasons. 2.4 does nothing to solve those concerns.


Similar to 2.3 2.4 was cleraly rushed

I think 2.3 was rushed because

1: they needed uniqes for championships so they intentionaly made the parrot and antarcto awfull just they’d have em for there as now we have only mrhino and the parrot left for them

2: they thought that cause they would be away during the holiday, that they wouldn’t be able to make a good update(and then gamepress hyped us up for a disapointment) that they’d need at least some content to satisfy the player base so they made a bunch of random changes to seem like they’re doing something(wich obviosly failed)

Then after the fail of 2.3 the “slip thru” hyped up a lot of the player base, and everyone was expecting something bigger and better after what 2.3 was, however ludia had to throw what just happend to be leaked into the game, so that the hype wouldn’t die oit untill it did cause of how small the update was, so after 2.3 and the slip thru, if they would have kept the update(wich i honestly think would have been the better option) the community would be disapointed as we expected it sooner, and even after the update would come it wouldn’t be the size we would expect it to be and if they rushed it like they did, well we see what happend

I actualy think that 2.3 was problably meant to realese on like early jan maybe or later in december so more would be done, and then 2.4 in like feb maybe even march, and because of that i am expecting a 2.5 in march or april i think it won’t and shouldn’t come before that as i want to give em time so they can think thru the update and not come out with another disapointment


Couldn’t agree more with TS’ post.
The disappointment overall is huge. And I never would have thought fixing pink water would be prioritised over fixing game mechanics issues… but apparently it’s come to this.


Pink water is a small bug that can be fixed in a few minutes. Game mechanics require a complete overhaul. You can’t compare that.

We don’t know exactly how the Ludia development process works, but in my company for example, we have bug-Tuesday where we fix things that are small and can be fixed within that day guaranteed. If they have that too, that’s where things like pink water get fixed. Developers need a change of scenery like this, otherwise they go insane. There are parallel processes in place as well. While one team works on battle mechanics, another team can work on adding extras. It’s ridiculous to think that the entire dev team has to do one thing because that’s most important. It doesn’t work like that in any company.

To me it’s not about how small this patch is, but the lack of communication since the post where they promise to improve. Nothing has changed since. It’s not about a sudden fix of bugs, it’s about telling us that they do intend to prioritize what the community finds important. And show it, by examples and explanations.
But this is still something they cannot just do to make us happy, because monetization for a game of this size, with not necessarily the largest profits, is more important for any CEO and that’s where the priority will probably always be.

I believe that there are things fundamentally wrong in the company culture of Ludia where people aren’t being listened to, and E.D can only do so much… All we can do is hope that some day someone manages to get the right person to make the right decision. From the last 2+ years I have seen no hope of this ever happening.


This update is fine. They said they would do mini updates between proper big ones, and I can’t see any issue with that. This has added a few dino and tweaked a few moves. neither of which SHOULD result in additional bugs. They say they have fixed some, and tho I’ve never noticed one being fixed, they likely have. This update is fine.

Your real point is why on earth they don’t fix the bugs that have been in the game for ages, however, I totally agree with. They have started acknowledging some bugs in the patch notes, but I reckon a long form post on here where they go through the bigger issues and state why they are struggling to fix would be helpful. I wouldn’t understand a word of it, but they have plenty of programmers on here (see comment above) that might have some bright ideas.


This update was clearly rushed, cause dinos and Grypo changes escaped.

Could be, that this should be part of 2.3 update, but wasn’t ready. They wanted 2.3 out before holidays, cause of new raids, especially new apex.

Not sure though, if this update was neccessary, as most things could be added server side. Grypo changes remained in game, Spyx move name was fixed before update too. They just needed to add creatures back in. Unneccessary update, when next one might just be around the corner.

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I think they were forced to release because of the unintended escape of some creatures.


I take quality over content, please fix the bugs before adding new features etc.


Software development is fundamentally about choices and a classic essay about the Iron Triangle of software development highlights the roles of Scope (what needs to be done), Schedule (when it needs to be done by), and Resources (how much it will cost). The idea is you can only choose two, attempting all will cause quality to suffer. Ludia has consistently prioritized monetization content over feature validation in the scope choices while at best maintaining or more likely decreasing the schedule and resources and the game quality has suffered as a result.

Sure, 2.4 had to come out this week due to a fixed schedule with tie ins to Camp Cretaceous, but by once again prioritizing monetizable content over feature validation the program quality will remain through at least the next release to the disappointment of many.


2.4 was never meant to be a big update. It set out to stir the game just enough to keep the playerbase occupied (maybe not for a whole month, but enough that the game is slightly different than before. Ludia also promised to only balance every other update, and there are not enough extremities to warrant the balancing most of the playerbase wanted. We’ll see how 2.5 goes, but as of now there aren’t many major changes, Rhino is a nasty sucker punch, but a competent player should be able to handle it, same with Diplod, Mono, Rixis, Thor, etc.

Grypo v Grypo was also incredibly common up top and in the tournaments it was viable in. It was no fun for anyone and would continue until one player ducked out or the turn cap hit. Neither was fun, entertaining, or competitive, so it was decided to end that while letting Grypo stay perfectly competitive.


Sure tick/tock and all that, but the scope and schedule can be varied at will by Ludia. Server side changes are clearly sometimes independent of device side changes, so when the server push happened why was it silent without prior communication about the impending release despite a proclamation to be more open about communicating changes in the future. Development pushes should never accidentally happen, the consequences might be unintended but the push to prod should never be. What about how 2.4 was released demonstrated a new dedication to communication or quality?

They don’t need a bug free game, they need a game that is highly profitable.
Bug fixes cost money.
Players are still playing and surrending their cash.
When the cash slows, introduce new creatures.
Rinse, repeat.
There is no reason for them to fix bugs unless it costs them money.

See it for what it is.

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You get a like for admitting the click-baity subject line. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since before 2.0:

“so many changes have been announced let’s see what 2.0 brings us”

After 2.0
“Let’s see what 2.1 will bring to fix the issues”
“Let’s see what 2.2 will bring to fix the issues”
“Let’s see what 2.3 will bring to fix the issues”
“Let’s see what 2.4 will bring to fix the issues”

“Ok it was just a minor update let’s see what 2.5 will bring to fix the issues”

See a pattern here? :thinking:


This wasn’t even a real update. They masked a couple bug fixes with dropping a few new creatures and called it a patch. It was a way to bide time as nothing of note was done for the release slot set for the week after the final raid debut, per usual.

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What do you mean by that?

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If you get a connection issue while you start a dart session, you temporarily see the name metriacanthosaurus gen 2 until it changes to the name of the dino you’re darting. It’s been there forever.