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WHY? 2 Events again?!

I’m not really understanding the need to run another Raid so soon. These were generally the end of the month events preceded by Rallies to generate keys for the Raid. February had 2 events simultaneously. Now for some reason we’re doing it again.The calendar has room later in the week to support a full Raid, why are we not doing that? You’re possibly dangerously close to burning out your player base. Please go back to the old schedule, 3 Rallies and a Raid at the end of the month

I think the better question is where is the new dungeon

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I hear what you’re saying, but it’s really just an added event. The 3 rallies followed by the month-end raid schedule is still in place. This raid (and subsequent loot) is just in addition to the normal. The only true impact is that it cuts the second rally time of the month in half. If it’s too much then don’t do it, or just take a more relaxed approach to it.

Completely agree with the second comment however, where in the world is the new Forestfall Fen dungeon? We waited 10-11 weeks in this “Chapters” format…and now tack on another week without the dungeon/explore mode release.

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More importantly, why are the raids so repetitive and boring.


Its always a time issue. I just feel having 2 events is excessive. Especially when there’s more days in the week than the first 3. Do the Rally Monday thru Wednesday and have the Raid start Wednesday and run thru Saturday. Tally totals on Sunday (9amEst)to determine the winner going into the week.
We’re going to give it everything we got, my question was more why did it change? We’re still going to be near the top. Good luck everyone.