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Why 20 is Max level player?

Many of us have reached level 20 a long time ago.

Just to evolve and fuse legendary and unique hybrids we need tons of DNA.

I think 10 more levels with their +1 in DNA when darting will make us easier to continue playing.

Even if going for a walk every day and darting for some hours… there is sometimes you feel it is not enough.

This was a way to compensate players for their effort on going out and darting… You give them experience and one extra DNA for each shot.

Now It seems everything is reduced to how many boosts I can buy on store to be the greatest. And the game was not originally intended for this.


I also want to ask for increasing the maximum number of darts we can have for F2P which is now 140 only.
It’s quite weird that it is 140, not a multiple of 50 like 150 or 200.


It is a nonsense having so few darts. We can’t accumulate so when going to a “desert” area without spinners we can dart without problem.

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Yes, especially when running a scent. Some supply drops don’t give darts but coins only. I remember once I went a raptor scent, there were a lot of Vraptors showing up, all 140 darts were used and all nearby supply drops were used.
I think we should have at least 180 darts, or even unlimited.


Maybe even make it like Pokemon Go with expandable storage. Maybe 200 HC for 50 more dart capacity?


I was thinking the same thing.
It wouldn’t take much to allow players to get to level 30 or even 40 which would give some motivation to keep going.

Same applies to dinos, why not allow them to level up to 30 or 40 too?


Oh great, now they’re going to sell boosts for player levels!! :smile:

Some time ago on these forums someone suggested that the reason maybe because of the increasing dart amounts each level. If it kept going past level 20 the amount of DNA obtained could get too high.

True or not I don’t know but it seemed like a logical reason.

They may still limit the maximum DNA a player can get from darting. Increasing the player level not only affect the amount of DNA, but also the amounts of coins and DNA obtained from incubators. If these can also be raised along with player levels, that would be nice.

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Great idea, we all pay 100 dollars and our dartbag gets expanded.

I hope you mean hard cash, not real money.

Not high enough. For example my Thor is level 25. I needed 12k Tarbosaurus DNA to get 100 DNA of Thor…

Imagine players with higher levels 27 and above…

US dollars? You wanna spend more money than the price of an actual console game to get some virtual darts?

Was being sarcastic

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Well if your Thor was at level 29 and your trying to get him/or her up to max level 30, the absolute total amount of fuse DNA you WILL NEED is 750 tops! But no matter what 85% of the fuses you put in will always come out as just a measly 10 fuse. And then of course 5% is getting a 30 or 40, & lastly 10% of getting super lucky and pulling a 50 or 80 fusion chance. It sucked!!! I’m honestly surprised that the game requires a level 29 Legendary Spintosuchus a total of 2500 fusion DNA to bring him/or her up to max level 30 but a unique only 750… LOL

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That is true in JW the game there’s 75 levels and in JW Alice there’s only 20 so I agree with you there should be like 35

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Every time you lvl up it should reduce your chance of getting tens while fusing


That’s a good idea.

One of the things that kept you darting and darting was reaching the following level.


I am gonna make this a topic

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