Why 4 rounds?

Hello everyone,

I think that ludia should make both hadros lux and gorgotrebax have 3 rounds. This should be the highest number of rounds possible, because if it is higher, it takes way too much time to complete the raid. Also, with gorgotrebax being WAY stronger than any other boss, it seems fair to me that it should have 3 rounds at best.


But Ludia loves us so much they want to make sure we get the most out of the raids

Well, if gorgotrebax would have only 2 rounds for example, you could help more people in the raid in the same amount of time. Also, it would be easier for you to restart the raid when you mess up.

If ludia loved us, they would make updates that make sense. Not such dumb ones like the last 3.


The more rounds doesn’t make it harder it just makes them more tedious and annoying. So I’m not quite sure what they are trying to do with these extra raid rounds.


I mean, it makes them harder, but you could also just increase the hp of the round.


It’s already hard enough thanks to how random the raid is. Think you have it down? Group Ferocity! Oh? Your Thor is barely alive? Wouldn’t it be a shame if Doedicurus decided to use strike instead of shield like it always does?


When they added Ceramagnus and gave it 3 rounds I thought they were finally listening to us complaining that Hadros is too long.
Many of us want to help other members of our alliance do these raids, but when they take up that much time unnecessarily you end up having to choose between getting your daily missions done, and raiding.


It’s ridiculous. You might need to spend hours and hours doing it if you don’t have a group strong enough. Or even for those of us who are strong, one stupid mistake or one glitch (and we got a lot of those) in round 3 or 4, and it’s a huge waste of time…

And let’s not forget there are other three raids to do in the day, which might not be as hard or take as long, but we still need to find them on the map (or find someone who has them), make time to do them, and have friends available to help… I mean, I love the game and all, but does Ludia think we don’t have anything else to do with our lives??


don’t really understand why 4 rounds.
1st round might be different than 2nd
but 2nd to 4th is like repeating it every round

if you need to do it more times to help some alliance members it takes lot of time

there are 4 bosses every day

it’s like raiding and jwa became a 2nd job


I think it would be fine if Hadros Lux continued to have those 4 rounds, among the 4 apex of the game, it is the easiest to obtain because its attacks do not shattering or nullify, but Gorgotrebax at most should certainly be 3 it is tedious to deal with a cunning that nullify all the time and more when he is in revenge

It’s simple… they want to keep us playing the game for as long as possible every time we open it. Measuring session length is part of “player engagement” metrics and a long session looks good to advertisers. Done well, it’s not all that noticeable because you’re enjoying what’s keeping you busy. Done badly, and… well, you’re spending 15 minutes doing a single raid while not really enjoying it.

You know what? Another idea. How about ludia makes raids with 4+ rounds be available for more people. Example: you are trying to raid lux, and instead of it being for 4 people at a time, you can have 5 or 6 people in the raid. Yes, it would have to be harder, but you would get more people through in the same amount of time.

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Well, 1 hour doing the stupid raid and failing in the last round, then I had to go, cause you know, I have a life… Huge waste of our time and patience. Thanks again Ludia!