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Why aint we getting different alliancr rewards?


Just wondered why its all sino and convac?


Well, it’ll change eventually.

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Sino has been extreme to find for me and probably others too. For concave I think they’re building up to some hybrid for it. I hope so eventually.


I remember how, as it got closer to 1.6 version, they started feeding us up with Darwin and Darwin got two uniques.
But I can also remember how they fed us with Alanqa and everybody was anticipating an Alanky unique but it never happened. lol


I always want sino.


Its a little wierd for us l1 peeps, i know we have not had to suffer as much as pre 1.6 l3 and post 1.6 l4. So we could have it worse… but it kinda makes me wanna be in another local… sino is in like every other event… kentro was just an event dino… sino and concave alliance missions. Ive built up so much sino its utahraptor, tarbo and dracorex thats holding me back.

Its not that i never want sino but i wouldnt mind a more frequent mix of things.

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They fed us anky for ALL of the period from 1.5-1.6
They gave us like two darwin events and one came after the hybrids were revealed.

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Yeah, i havet 1k+ sino DNA


My guess would be that they want us to get allosinosaurus or utahsinoraptor before the release of something else.

As I never see Sinoceratops in the wilds I’ll happily take it all if they are giving it away.


I hope it stays the same for a while.


I think everybody needs Sino except those whose Thor / Utarinex / Utasino are already at L30.
I am happy with the Sino DNA.


I really need Speed Dinos in alliance reward


Do you mean that you can’t find enough of those dinos for how you want to develop your team? PLEASE join my alliance haha… (PourNo4PyroRapTors, I’m LouCFir) Tarbo is EVERYWHERE in my neighborhood and I’ve got plenty to trade. Utah, while not quite as Tribble-like as Tarbo, I do seem to bump into it once or twice a day. Draco is not in my neighborhood (think it’s L4, yeah I know) but there is a neighborhood near enough where I can make the trek and get some.

Meanwhile, outside of recent Events I never see Posto, Sino, Dime G2 and I don’t see enough Edmonto, Ornitho, Amarga, Raja… the list goes on and on. I would love to be able to trade my Tribbles Tarbo for something I need, especially with someone who really needs the Tarbo.


Uthasino is a fast creature


But i need Utah DNA

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Current alliance rewards are great… Why do you need to spoil that?

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Because we can get better ones


We can also get worse ones


Which is the likeliest scenario!

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I am happy with the Sino DNA, just want to change Einia to Irritator, Concavenator to Stygi or Kentro, Carnotaurus to Utah, Majung to Stegosaurus or Vraptor.