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Why all the complaints about boosts?

Why all the complaints?

DNA matters
Levels matter
Exploration matters
Arena skill matters
Matchmaking isn’t broken no more
No more pairing against stupidly boosted dinos
The old arena is back

Edit. Epic towers get fun and challenging again

Round of applause Ludia


Indeed it is

Disagree with ya


Initial thoughts and findings are an improved, balanced arena.

Those who lived by boosts are dropping like flies.

So far, I’m liking it.


I believe it has to do with players who invested real cash into the game only to come out with a mere fraction of what they used to have.


That logic makes no sense. Everyone else is lower too so it’s the same

They nerfed us to try to get people use real money to get boosts in the store. Grinding is no longer a useful way to get boosts. The complaint is not PvP. That is fair. It is PvIncubators. I had my dinos sent to defeat them. Now I cannot use that team. Just to speed up my Indom Rx to be faster than V-raptor, it will cost 1300, that is all I have. So the other 8 I had set up are not able to be boosted.

Important lesson: Short term spending has benefits. Long term, you learn it’s a waste of money spending on this game, as any real benefits disappear in a few months after the update nullifies the advantage.

Bottom line: It’s your money, your decision.

You could also just boost the stats of dinos based on their strength. Indominous Rex isn’t supposed to outspeed a Velociraptor.


Correct, but they did sell us boosts with the literal tag line of “Want your T-Rex to be faster than a Velociraptor?”


I didn’t spend money… I am saying they altered the game to get people to spend money. Getting 4 a day when it costs 100 makes grinding about 4% above useless. They are tilting the game, and it is not PvP, it is PvIncubators.

I agree with you. I spent little money on boosts through HC.

The real losers today are people who bought large amounts of boosts.

We all lost a little. Ludia cares not.


Pretty sure those that paid for boosts are still winners. I can only boost to 2/2/2 from an avg of 6/6/6

Well I’ve gained 200 trophies so far today.

I call that a win for my hard earned DNA and lack of spend on boosts

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yeah, I’m seeing those who relied on boosts to get where they were, dropping like flies, and mad as hornets.

I spent all my HC on boosts that I ground out from spinning etc. to purchase one pack every Sunday and had tier 6 stuff.

You don’t see me complaining

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So far i like it.
No more full 7/7/7 boosted teams to fight.
It is now way more balanced for f2p players.
(I was one of the full 6/6/6 players).

Now you fight 2/2/2 teams or 1 fully boosted dino.
You dont even need a single boost to win against a 5% more stats team.
And if they dont draw their 1 boosted dino they are also on your level.
(Boosting 1 dino full looks like the safest option, if you want free trophies).

But i can understand that the whales got mad.
They spent a lot of bucks to get a fully boosted team and now ludia tells them for the same money they get a minor buff for the team.

It feels like going to Mc Donals and buy a full 10$ big mc menu, but after payin and sit down to eat, a random mc donalds worker (ludia) comes and takes away your menu. Gives you a hamburger as exchange and tells you:" this is called a big mc menu now.";


Where boosts are concerned I applaud Ludia on this. The Arena feels so much nicer and strike towers will not be such push overs.

Haven’t boosted my team yet and just won against a boosted team in the library I’m at 5155 trophies, I’m a bit worried about boost distribution don’t want to waste them but no complaints I’ve got what I had accumulated plus a bit back and won’t be meeting overly boosted Thor’s that are 5 or 6 levels under mine taking me out or the little steroided Dracosniper running riot as much… yet that is, give it some time :joy: