Why all the complaints

This forum cracks me up most days. I’ve never seen so many people complain, and they say the modern generation are snowflakes, I wonder why.

Complaints about nerfing and buffing and how people cheat because they are better or use superior tactics. Games are never going to be equal, results are never going to be fair but that it where the fun comes in, learning what you can and can’t do! Any game where there are benefits by spending money will always have people boosting, I’ve spent a fair amount on this game because I can, does Ludia charge a large amount for it, definitely, but we still have a choice whether to buy it or not, why complain!

I’ve been on numerous forums over the years for numerous hobbies, where there is considerably more constructive criticism than nebgative, maybe we should think about what we post. Ultimately what we say here will have next to no impact on how the game progresses so why not get on with things rather than post an increasing amount of negative odds and sods.


LOL well said mate. What is truly hillarious is the calls to nerf monomimus/stegodeus and when the actual nerfs came the same people whine🤣. Ludia cannot please everyone and they are trying to improve the game update by update. Lets see how good THOR is gonna be

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No, sometimes they are not the same ones.
Just like I didn’t ask for any nerf by my self.
But still, they seem always break some dinos I focused and spent coins on in the new updates.:rofl:

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Good post Ryan… And i hope Ludia read this post. And also i want to leave this advice tagline to Ludia:-


Hope my good intention can help you ludia for your future2 coming updates & for us

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True. True. The game is fast going into the sewer.

==> meaning, no more buff or nerf future dinos please… if got imbalance dino, just create a new dino that can counter back that any problem old dinos that you already create.

“dont alter the problem. find solution for the already exist problem”


the-word-listen-contains-the-same-letters-as-silent-alfred-15877727 so does tinsel


Exactly. It is good to hear a rational view from a top player.
They said they wanted balance. But the new dinos introduced to the game, none is immune to DoT for instance. So where is the balance? Just a hype.

My favorite is when they ask for a special button to avoid having to do fuses one at a time.

The struggle is real.

Why is it going to the sewer? Where’s the logic in that, a couple of points to contradict that…

Global player platform
Users on both social media and the forum waiting with anticipation of the new update
People spending money on cash/darts/incubators

It’s not going to the sewer, more likely not in the direction you would like although hope I’m not speaking out of turn.

If people have purely focussed on specific dinos that would benefit their hybrids they may have an issue, if peeps have been darting a variety of dinos they could advance but who knows, the patch hasn’t dropped yet.

Is it frustrating to have levelled a Dino for it to be weakened, is it the end of the world/game, far from it. Does it mean the game is going to the sewer, your having a giggle…

I believe complaints help improving the game. Although there’s a lot of whining, many of them can be productive.

That I can appreciate would make it easier, the one I find amusing is the button to stop you accidentally levelling a Dino…

A topic about complaing about other people’s complaints…


I’m just here for the dinoaurs. :smiley:

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Great. You have your own opinion. I have mine. Some may agree with you. Some may agree with me. I may be right. I may be wrong. Vice versa.
There’s no need to elaborate in length. Time will tell.

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As the man said, “There are no problems, only solutions”. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

This includes complaining about the complainers.

There’s always going to be people here who feel as if Ludia owes them something just for playing this game, people who act overprivileged. It’s not new. Look at any forum for any game, and you’ll find an equal number of people complaining about the game as there are people complaining about people who complain.

It’s a vicious circle. The more they complain, the more you complain, and on and on and on and nothing gets done. It’s neverending complaints from both sides of the fence.

Now here’s an idea. It might sound crazy, but it just might work. Why not try actually coming up with a viable solution to this problem, instead of working against each other? To you, your issues seem valid, but to the other side, they don’t. The reverse is also true.

Maybe try to come together as a community for once, and solve problems together. I’m not saying this will eliminate complaints completely, but it will keep issues from getting out of hand, and the mods will probably appreciate the effort as well.

My only complaint is getting 10 DNA 8/10 times. Now 30 is the new 70

It’s better to post with a composed mind rather than rush to the forums when yer upset. This happens online all the time though, so that’s life.