Why alliances are making me consider going casual

Alliances in their current form provide a much needed feature - the ability to collect dna you don’t normally see. It has the side benefit of helping you hit coin cap too.

However, a realization hit me - though other games also provide this kind of advantage, they are not as dependent on others for you to be competitive as this one us. Why? Because other games generally have a store to spend in game currency on the same thing that they can request for (clash royale, castle crush, others).

Not so here.

Here, what you have is largely dependent upon where and when you can hunt. But even then, you couldn’t guarantee youd see what you needed when you travel to that location.

So scents were born. But even those dont gaurantee youll see what you need. “Neither do stores!” True, but I don’t have to spend in-game currency and 20 minutes of my life to check the store daily.

So this brings us back to my quandry - if you want to stay competitive, you need an alliance that has what you need, and will fill you up twice a day.

Those lucky to have that are in great shape.

The rest of us will have a much harder time staying competitive when you arent getting 1k dna a day of dracorex/dilo/whatever.

So, this game has forced me into a choice - stay competitive and ditch my kids, or stay with my kids and go casual.

I choose to go casual.

Take note Ludia. This is no threat, or anything else. Just observe the situation folks like I are now in, that we weren’t before.


just join the apex predators already… geesh :man_facepalming::joy::wink:

Dont wanna ditch my family pat :slight_smile: Thats what forced me to leave sand dunes :frowning: Had I wanted to be in a guild that focused on being competitive though, thats where Id have gone from the start :slight_smile:

Theres a difference between being competitive as a person and as a guild.

Not to sound judgmental, but I have read posts of those sharing that they have small children and then the same person won or lost many trophies. I can’t help but wonder how much time is spent on this game vs their kids. I try to keep a balance and with hubby driving over the road and a teenage stepson that likes his time and doing his thing. Family first is important that is fo sho :grin:


Not at all! Some of us just have really. Boring. Jobs.


Research analyst in the automotive industry here so I fully understand lmao! Guilty of darting dinos from my desk, shhhh…


Haha saaaame!!! (Darting dinos at my desk).

And thank you for the post, its a great point :slight_smile:


I wish trying to be discreet at work didn’t affect my darting skills so much :wink:


LOL exactly!!!


i wrote a long speech but deleted because rather then assume, id like to hear it from you. whats the whole issue? everything was fine in sand dunes and your fam couldve grown with you? i for one know how hard it is to provide being that i work really long hours but i do what i can when i can. its an understanding group.

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Ill take it to pm pat. I don’t want to cause drama.


I’m with you. This is only a game. I don’t care about being competitive. We knew long ago we wouldn’t be reaching the leader again, ever. We just play for fun. My kids are the ones who got into this game as the like the movie. If they decide they want to play a new game we move on. We haven’t been in an alliance yet but have tons of dna we could trade amongst ourselves if we want to make our own. With the exception of a few dinos we hardly ever see but most of those are epics anyway.


I think an alliance with this goal would be great @Dinocop :slight_smile:


That sounds like a new alliance to create: “The Casuals” or “The Family”

No competition, until they put rewards in for accomplishing quests or such. If you need some DNA for a few fuses to create or level up, great. I hear the chat function is sporadic so no need for mindless gabbing. Ask a question, get an answer.

I would create one but being retired, I do not need anymore drama or trouble in my nice, quiet life. I have no need of being in charge anymore. There were no invisible critters to capture when I worked on the cube farm. I never would have had time for them anyway. Now? I have lots of time for them… When the fish aren’t biting that is.

Oh, Lead QA analyst for financial software in a large advertising company here. Read/write functional specs, corporate/IT meetings… I speak IT as well as Corporate finance. Talk about mind numbing?

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I’m a casual person anyway regardless of what I play. I’m here to collect dinosaurs and that’s all I care about really. I’d like to advance up the Arena but I know that the Sorna Marshes is my forever home on JWA.

I’m happy with having a few nice Alliance members and while we’ll never be sharing 50K of DNA a day, I know that what we do have spare, we’ll share with one another. It’s all good.


I think they never should have added dna trading. There are people who play alot outside but arent that lucky with spawns. Then they add this trade which is ridiculously generous. I mean 1000 dna for rares which is 2 fuses for uniques.


DNA trading was needed. Especially if you can’t get to specific zones. While I’m sure some players are lazy the majority aren’t and trading does help.

Trades weren’t needed. Proper migration was needed. Not these caca migrations we have but to move local 1 dinos to local 2. Local 2 dinos to local 3 etc. Change it every month or so.


Full zone migration still needs to be a thing. My town is Zone 3 and where I work on the edge of town is zone 4. I don’t drive so the only time I get to see Zones 1 & 2 is if I go out for the day and have the opportunity to play.

Exactly!! :blush:

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