Why alliances join request are all low levels?

Not against them, but wondering the reason why these requests to join are generally level 2 to 5.
Are they really starting players or alternate accounts just trying to get free DNA?
How do u deal with these requests?

I’m assuming they are 2nd accounts trying to get more dna so I don’t let them into my alliance.

It’s a bit of an assumption those are 2nd accounts. New people don’t really know the game and what DNA is hard to get. So they just request something not knowing that at this point, they will never receive a requested raptor or stegosaurus, some of these important components. Some of the dino DNA they request, I don’t have because I don’t live and work in that zone where they spawn or I burn through them the moment I get enough to make a fuse.

Strange enough, all requests are such levels.
Maybe is better that a player with minimum level 10 can only join alliance, at least that indicate the account is rather active.