Why always my map doesnt have dinosaurs in 150m area?


When load the map, there arent dinosaurs in my area. Always they are in out of my area. But before the latest update i was not happened. WHY???


I feel your pain. At my house there is usually 1 dinosaur within my reachable radius, and about 6 or 7 just out of reach… and at night, like last night, there was a rare and an Epic down the street next to my subdivision. So sad. I walked to the end of my road, but just barely was out of reach… and I’m not hooked enough to drive around the block at 10:30 pm to sit in front of someones house and catch a dino… lol. I imagine if I subscribed to the VIP I’d catch them… or would they move just a little farther away? I wonder…


I’m sure the program looks at whether you are moving or not, and it not, places dinosaurs just to reach to make you get moving again.


I’m with you guys the update really stinks for dino placement. Everything is just out of range now for no reason.


Having the same problem, before update there were dinos in my reach zone now its none.


Guys, I really appreciate your replies. I think it would be a problem after the new update. Updated map has some problems and bugs. Its get much time to load. Sometimes its shows disconnected GPS notice when I tick GPS on high accuracy. I think some of you have that problem and I wish they will response us immediately…… Thank you guys…………