Why always same common from the Incubator?


From what I see from incubators that I earn from battles, I only end up with:

  1. Stygimoloch Gen 2
  2. Irritator Gen 2
  3. Ophicodon
  4. Parasaurolophus (rarely)
  5. Veliciraptor(rarely)
  6. Purussarus
  7. Some rare Owen’s raptor(rarely)
  8. Proceratosarus
  9. Stygimoloch(EVERY time, if I get any epic)

We do have a lot of other commons/rares/epics. Why the same all day long? This is kind of not-at-all-useful DNAs. This is really causing upset for the people who don’t get to see many dino spawns where they live. That being said, I cannot create any good legendaries with all those not-so-useful dinos.


Exactly… that new free daily incubator is absolutely pointless…
I’ve had 3 and same DNA every time, and 2 of the dinos are absolute crap…



I agree too much useless DNA that after a while you feel discouraged. I know ludia has to make money and I appreciate alot of the freebies we get but overall it can be frustrating. I played 6 battles and lost so i lost 30 mins of my time for no incubator but then i gotta keep playin if i wanna get the 12 snd 24 hours which takes weeks because the 3 hours and 8 hours rarely give what is needed.

I think it could be re worked in a way that benefited each players goal. We need less of a gamble in the incubators because overall you only get little amounts which over time add up

Luida we would love to hear your side :slight_smile:


also any epic from the battle arena incubators will be one that you already have 1000+ of. i’ll never believe that is just a coincidence.


I have same but not complaing. Its always Galli.

6500 Galli from daily why is Monolophosaurus so rare round me.


Since from Level 6(now Level 11), I only get 13 DNA of Stygimoloch. It is marked. I hate to say, but I don’t even use any of it. There are so many Epics sitting around for me to make a Legendary, but I cannot. I cannot get any of them where I live. All my opponents get like 4 Legendaries in their team, well, I have Stegodues and Trago. I cannot really move up the trophies with my team. I am living at 3300-3500 since a month. Almost feeling to delete the game. No offense.


i wish mine were all gallimimus :wink:


Look at this post - i think it could be a solution to this problem


I can get behind that theory 100%
Secondonto :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Exactly!! I’ve literally only been getting EPuc Stygimoloch DNA for over a month now and I’m in Sorna Marshes!! I’ve never received the exclusive Dinos for the arena. Not even on the24 hour ones. It’s always that stupid Stygimoloch. What’s the point in battling? I get the same Dinos every time.