Why am I always lost in a cloak move ? And never have successfully have a critical hit!


Hi ludia,

I wrote this because your support doesn’t respond to me for a day or more. I asked the question why my dino is not cloak successfully when I always get hit when cloak while my opponent always get 100% cloak? I don’t believe in random as you ludia states 50% chances, which statically should be every 2 hit , only 1 will get it. This is call 50% !!! I need you manager to answer to my question as your support doesn’t even bother to answer a vip subscribe. I spend so much on this game and it showing me ludia is a big cheater !

Looking forward to your manager reply


It doesn’t work that way…


You win some, you lose some…and then you lose some more. Welcome to the world of rng. I’ve have streaks where my indominus won’t cloak and my indorap won’t evade & last night I took out a level 27 stegodeus because my level 23 indorap showed up (after going MIA) and evaded everything.


This is disgusting , how come ludia is doing all this to their customer ? Totally not business minded.

And you see, what the match making chose for me, I have 3 unique , and non show up… what a looser ludia, you want your bot to win, resort to playing this type of cheating steps


It’s completely random, so I don’t know why you’re so outraged. It’s luck based on what team you get and you can get a good team or the crappiest team. We just have to play the hand we’re dealt.


I know it’s random, but why am I losting game after game because the random keep not choosing my unique ? So why I need unique in my team if it’s not chosen? Don’t make sense right? At least 1 Chosen would make me feel I am not wasting my money on them, don’t it make some sense ? And most angry portion is , when I think I am confirm winning , it’s give me a critical hit when opponents dino cp was left with 70 plus while mine is 2000 plus , and it’s a 1.5 hit only . Sigh … don’t you feel you are being planned to lost the game is this happen? Actually i don’t get the words 50% evade ? What is this mean in this game ? By calculation or by luck ?


And I have asked ludia for an answer to this 50% evade thingy , it’s not being address or answer


As pointed out by our friend above, this is what RNG is all about. There are times when my Stego stuns the opponents dino on each and every move. Times when my Indominus dodges both attacks. Times when my Monomimus dodges 6x in a row.

However, there are times when nothing seems working for me or actually working against me… :sweat_smile:


The way to be good in battle is to not depend on any one dino or certain dinos, like my ouranosaurus is my go-to, but I am also ready for the RNG to give me something else.


I feel your pain but it is a game. Do not let it ruin your day. If you lose put too much put it down ans do something else do not let it consume you. I get the feeling each move and choice is random on each move. While it is true there will be algorithems in the coding ultimately is down to probability which can go either way on each turn and not as a whole. However all players combined it should balance out.


I always never win