Why am I battling some one in the 3000’s while I’m in the 2900’s

I think it’s an unfair battle when someone who has higher trophies then me and different battle arenas too they should stick to the same arena

That’s the 2nd time in a row

3rd. Not even fair on me hence they have stronger dinosaurs

Yeah I often face players 200-300 trophies above me, but I do usually win :wink:


What happens to you is nothing strange. I am now at level 4200/4300 and if I see the list of last rivals I have rivals from 4668 (400 more than my level) to 395 (250 less than my level). I understand that when we give “battle” the application matches us with the nearest rival that is waiting and will not always find someone of exact level to mine.

Anyway, possibly I have a 40% chance of winning someone of 4600 and 60% of winning someone of 4100.

You can fight people up to 400 trophies more than you and 400 trophies less than you. They do that to make sure you’ll always have a battle. But I agree, it’s totally unfair. I’m at 4200 and fighting players at 4600. It’s impossible to win.

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One of the release or tourney announcements did set out the matchmaking criteria. During the last tourney I yo-yo-ed between 3700 and 4250 so a 300+ trophy mismatch isn’t really a big deal. And arena is irrelevant - is someone on 4001 that much better than someone on 3999?


Ludia better make sure to make it where just your account will only battle trophies lower because I’d hate to never get a battle if no one at all could battle a trophy count higher their own. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: how else are you going to get battles?!

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Well they will either be higher, lower or the same. Odds are not the same. If they are higher, you complain. Lower, then they are making complaint posts just like yours :wink:


It’s tough to accept but in THIS game losing is ok. You even get rewarded for it. I’m actually happy when I drop 200 or so trophies. It means that I’m going to have an easy time winning my up coming matches. Not to mention the battle incubator for 10 Dino’s killed weather you win the match or not.

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Ah yes, the participation incubator.

This incubator is one of the best actually because it gives ALL exclusive dna. I’ve gotten 1500 gallimimus a bunch of times from it

Are you suggesting you should only be matched with player with trophies of equal or lower?
Oh wait, in that case the player with lower trophy who’s fighting you is actually fighting someone with higher trophy, isn’t he:thinking:?