Why am I facing a lv30 mortem in the library?

Luckily it wasn’t max boosted but still, that should be in gryo/shores.
Screenshot_20210606-110633_JW Alive

I dunno if maybe the new scoring has messed arenas up even more! I’ve fell from library to aviary and running across teams that should not be there. Level 29 Mortys, Level 27 lux and cera and level 30 nitro Thors are very common. These teams should be in higher arenas! The arenas are not balanced at all and only seem to be getting worse :frowning:


I have a level 30 Mortem and I’m still in Library. I also have a 29 Magna, 30 Tryko, 28 Dio and the other 3 apex at 27 and 28.

I know I’m not much cop at pvp, but it’s not for the want of trying to get out of Library!

I face max boosted level 30 teams all the time at 5400ish more often than not, so I’m not in the least bit surprised at the op.

My other 2 accounts are in lower Library and to be honest they often face level 30 uniques and 29 Morty too so :no_good_man:

The problem with the 20/40 system is all too visible, right now the library is a holding pen with no one moving up thanks to droppers I’m not surprised at what’s being played in the library, morty in this case is just part of a wider problem maxed boosted gyro teams taking 40 trophies off a low to mid library player is just parr for the course right now, the consensus is that after the reset tomorrow things should pan out , but that remains to be seen, because there’s always dropping & a way needs to be looked at to discourage it imo


I agree it’s pretty awful in library, while I was around 5400-5600 I kept losing 40 and winning 20 only but now that I managed to get out of there it’s much better. I sit around 5600-5900 and now it’s much more even losing around -25/-30 and winning +30/+40. I think it has to do with the distribution of the players in terms of trophies.

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