Why am I facing diloracheirus, indo and stego 26 at 4700?

Well kids, its cause thats my team :slight_smile: And im facing this at 5k:

They pick on me, I pick on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a fun Friday post.

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I’ve got a 27 Stegod and 26 Indo and im right at 4700 as well. I’m hesitant to climb until the very end of the event.

Ive got a 30 stegod and 27 indo at 5600 :sweat_smile:

30 stegodeus is so strong.

Yessir it is :ok_hand::muscle:

I have 27 stego and 25 indo and I am at 4200 now. Have even been battling tryko at this level. Seems everyone is more bunched together now.

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This is a beast!!

Yeah making the game much tougher to progress. Im 4600 and my team rarely beats a stego 26

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