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Why am I fighting overpowered AI?

I didn’t think AI battles were still in the normal arenas. But after the recent update to the game, losing twice against real opponents seems to take me into AI battles until I beat them. But the thing is… these AI are ALL boosted, WAY higher in level (by 5 - 7 levels) compared to my own team, switch out lots for no reason, but are SO over powered that I cannot beat them. Twice now I have gone into a straight losing streak of over 20 battles against these AI dinos until I dropped into an arena that I could beat them. After winning against them, I’ll go into much easier battles until I reach the same level and then proceed to drop for ages again. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to put up with 20 + battles of pain against overpowered AI where I can’t even take out a single dino of their team. Why am I fighting these? Is anyone else going against killer AI like this?

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This is why I prefer fighting actual players. At least if they’re boosted, they’re still around my level. AI is waaay higher, and brings Ardentismaxima when I least expect it. I have not defeated even one AI Ardentis so far.

Thank you for the feedback, PyroRaider. I will forward this to our team!

Yeah. the AI is too difficult to beat now. I hate loosing more than once because i don’t want to get matched with even more difficult battles.

I must admit that I thought the AI battle was designed to keep us playing. An easy win if you like after 2 losses.

So if we are going to meet an even harder opponent after losing 2 in a row in the form of AI, what’s the point?
Why not just let us keep losing to real players?

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The community is too small.

I climbed up to 5600 arena point before the reset. Between that and up to 7000+ points, there was around 1200 players in the world.

To find a battle between this trophies and that players are online, is hard.

Ah, that makes sense :+1:

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I’m seeing the same, although not 20 straight losses.

AI far more boosted and higher level than my team.

Just another “accidental” oops? Pffft.

~5k trophies.