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Why Am I Fighting This

I dont know why im fighting this

I have calculated the ferocities of my dinos thanks to @Sionsith formula the average ferocity of my top 3 dinos is 1,278 while the average ferocity of my opponents is 1778 I think ludia should fix this since all the opponents I face are way out of my league Also including my clash of champions
The average ferocity of their team is 2459 while my teams ferocity is stated above,I just need an explanation on: why am i fighting this,what is the cause ,and how to fix it

Not all battles will be based on your average ferocity, some will be based on your park level. It’s possible that is the case for this event and the game is telling you that you need to increase your ferocity in order to move forward.


The 1st one is because it is Fight for Funds. It is always hard. I don’t know about clash of chamions, it might be park level based like @Sionsith said


The first one is Stake Holders Visit but still fight for funds is tough too

Stakeholder’s visit is almost equally as hard as F4F


Yes but in battles like rarity rumble they are onpar with me

Yes i agree

Rarity rumble looks to be ferocity based. Stuff like CoC however aren’t, they are most likely level based


Yup some battles will key off of your top three, some will key of your park level. The ones that key off your park level will not get harder after a certain point even though your lineup will continue to get stronger. But those same events will continue to scale in difficulty as your park level does regardless of what your lineup is doing.


So in terms of advancing my lineup should i get common hybrids to lvl 30? since they are more cost effective than super rares and are better than them

So is battle stage 42 not lvl based ?my opponents strongest dino was a lvl 30 para and i completed it easily so why was it not as hard as my other battles if battle stage 42 is intended for players my lvl?

One of my daughters match ups for reference. Her park level is fairly high compared to her dino levels. The tougher one is stake holders and the other is today’s rumble or whatever.

Sorry 4 pics, dunno and not fighting with it

The battle stages are level based

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yeah but if theyre lvl based then why is my stakeholders visit harder (alot harder) than my battle stage 42 if the stakeholders visit and fight for funds are lvl based then wont they be on par with my battle stage 42? the opponents i faced were a lvl30 para lvl 38 pyroraptor and a lvl20 velociraptor

I face against these crazy teams in F4F but the best thing to do is chose the dinosaurs that will have an advantage and if you can try to get 8 points (by reserving)

Stake holders is ferocity based. My account vs my other daughters account, both lvl 99