Why am I getting flagged by the system and someone non stop


This is really annoying I’m about to leave this forum because everything I’m posting is being blocked or flagged by someone . This is a joke. I’ll be surprised is this one isn’t flagged!!!


Yeh it’s beyond a joke


Does this happen to you???


I try to limit my posting to circumvent the AI. It appears that if you start posting more than X amount of posts all of it gets hidden till mod comes on. There’s a daily post threshold so yeah, moderation posting I guess.


Mine are just constantly being hidden. Especially longer posts to give a thorough insight on something… Sometimes halfway a post i realise it might get hidden then i just delete it lol, not going to bother with the system.

I said it before; they said they are looking into loosening regulation or an additional forum rank to allow more posting, i guess. We’ll see, for now Join the club. :white_flag:


It feels like at least half of my posts are automatically hidden for moderator approval.

It puts me off using the forum.


Haha, my next post after this got hidden. What a joke…

Edit 1: and another one two posts later…


Let’s test the system hehehehe


Yup, I am finding myself being hidden to wait for staff approval too, frustrating! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah literally any ‘bad’ word you use causes posts to be flagged and hidden, pretty ridiculous…


Just got blocked lol