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Why am I getting suchochimus on l1


I have been seeing him a lot lately in my area. And I am in L1. The l3 is almost 15mins walk from here. So dunno why I see them . But they are always out of range and I usually don’t get time to go out .


Probably a nest spawn. Sucho can appear near schools.

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No school there


Only car,bike showrooms


That doesn’t appear to be a lot


Dino’s can spawn out of their local. I am in L4 and have an area L3 will spawn regularly. It is about 500 meters from the actual L3 zone. Either that or it actually is part of L3 and a lot of L4 spawn in that area.

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There are also “bouncing areas” which sometime spawn one Local, then another, on the edge of two Locals. I know two buildings in particular that have spawned Pyrroraptor (L2), Suchomimus (L4), Einiosaurus (L2) and Parasaurolophus (L4) respectively, in the exact same spot. Dunno why it is how it is.

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I just started this game last month so i am still playing catch up on how this works. Can you tell me what L1 ane L3 and L4 mean?

I just created my first legendaries and now i need to be more selective about the dna i go for in the future


They are spawn zones… There are four.


Spawns can spawn anywhere regardless of their nest and their zone. I think there is a 1% chance that this can happen.


Found an l1 but hen i never see any dilo only deino dimetrodon gen2 argentino and the globals has anyone got an idea why?