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Why am I missing dinos this tournament?

I am doing some grinding before the tournament ends, and I came across something really bizarre. I had 3 dinos missing from my lineup.

1 lvl 10 monostegotops
1 lvl 10 metraphodon
1 lvl 10 Stegnosuchas


They are pictured here in the infinte battle mode, right before my priortrodon, but in this next picture they are gone, which is in the tournament dino select:


This makes no sense. The monostegotops isn’t banned because I could use both my level 20 monostegotops, and I also have a lvl 20 Gorgosuchas that I also used, so tourney-hybrids aren’t banned.

My only explanation is that I hatched my monostegotops after the tournament started and thus is hasn’t updated, but I’ve had both my metraphadon and stegnosuchas for about 2 weeks for this tournament.

Anyone else having problems like mine?

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Actually I think I found my answer.

There must be a cutoff for dinos below a certain level (which in this case is 10) so even though these dinos have viable stats, they are blocked because they are below the level threshold.

That would explain it because I have just about every dino at level 40 in my park and so I have every dinos available to me except those 3 (and a few other lvl 10 VIP dinos) so those 3 are the only ones blocked out in my lineup.

Now I’m going to go start my own detective agency :nerd_face:

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Ya if you look at the tournament rules only dinos over level 10 are allowed


It’s actually rather good, because then you can use your lv 10 indoraptors, or other powerful dinosaurs for battle events.

Here is the explanation, you can find it in ‘rules’.

Can I ask the most amateurish of questions and ask how long you’ve been playing?

Since the game came out. So about 4 years I believe.